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The Synkdup editorial team is a group of talented writers with expertise in personal finance and recruitment. We are a diverse team united by a passion for writing articles that are designed to provide readers with practical advice and resources to achieve their financial goals.

How to Give Two Weeks Notice

How to Give Two Weeks Notice the Right Way

Follow our guide for a seamless two-week notice. Transition smoothly to your next career step with confidence and professionali.

Everyday Hobbies That Make Money

30 Everyday Hobbies That Make Money

Learn about 30 everyday hobbies that can turn into a side hustle. Turn your passion into profit and earn money in your spare time!


Recruitment Marketing – All You Need to Know

A thorough guide on recruitment marketing for anyone looking to tap into the industry. Read about types, trends, KPIs, and more.

earn up to $100

How to Earn $100 a Day Online Without a ‘Skill’

Use these methods to earn up to $100 online every day without prior knowledge, experience, or specialized skill.

Passive Income Ideas

8 Best Passive Income Ideas for Profitable Side Hustles in 2023

Explore 8 easy and most profitable passive income ideas to boost your earning potential in 2023!

Earn up to $3000

Share Jobs the Right Way and Earn up to $3000 per Week!

In this article, we are showing some effective job share strategies that will increase your daily earnings payout by 74%.

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