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Frequently Asked Questions

A Synkdup Headhunter is this amazing individual who contributes to their community by sharing job opportunities on a daily basis while earning payouts of up to $100 dollars on each successful application made by people who have received these job openings.

Becoming a Headhunter is free and the flow of money will always be from us to you.

Sharing jobs as a Headhunter has no particular way or quota to fill. Once you sign up you will be given access to hundreds of job openings that you can share with your community any way you want. To give you a headstart, here are a few tried and tested ways of sharing jobs to maximize your payouts as a Headhunter.

How much you earn on each application depends on what jobs you have shared. The payouts for different jobs are varied. Before sharing a job you can check the payout amount mentioned like this
This is a variable amount and changes with respect to different jobs.

Bountys are top American companies like Amazon, Doordash, Starbucks, Advent Health, U.S Express, etc.

Once you become a Headhunter, you get access to hundreds of Bounty links you will share with your community and peers. Each of these links contains multiple local job openings.

You will also see digital flyers with Bounty QR codes on the Bountys page in your Dashboard. You can print those out and go canvassing in your neighborhood.

Clicking or scanning these will direct your referrals to their local job openings.

As these links don’t have an expiry, your friends can access them anytime they want and apply for a job while you earn fat payouts on every successful application.

This is a sure shot way for you to earn maximum payouts as these links don’t expire and have jobs only from industry-leading companies.

Synkdup’s Invitation Program gives you an opportunity to double your monthly payouts with a simple click of a button.

  • What you’ll do is go on your dashboard and click on the Invite and Earn 2X
  • Once there you can either automatically send an invitation to all of your google contacts, or
  • You can manually type in your contact names to whom you want to send an invitation

Among your contacts, if 5 of them sign up for The Synkdup Headhunter Program, your earnings for that month get doubled.

For your reference, if you send out invitations on the 15th of January and if by the 28th of January you have 5 of your contacts signed up as Headhunters, whatever you have earned by sharing jobs for the month of January (e.g. $3000) will get doubled (i.e. $6000).

As per Government regulations, the CIP (Customer Identification Program) makes it mandatory that any individual conducting financial transactions needs have their identity verified.

Synkdup as a recruitment platform has tie-ups with industry-leading companies like Amazon, Doordash, Starbucks, Advent Health, U.S Express, etc. In order for us to maintain transparency and keep the business going we need our Headhunters to complete their verification.

Verifying yourself as a Headhunter gives you the benefit of resolving any payout-related discrepancy if any.

It also becomes easy for us to sort the number of applications coming through a particular Headhunter if we already have the details you are required to fill in the verification process

For your first month’s work as a Headhunter, you will be paid after 60 days. This will only happen for the first month as the applications received from your link need to be verified, it takes us at least 60 days after we receive those links to verify them.

For reference, if your earnings for the month of January are $3000, then from February 1st to March 31st, the applications received from your link will get verified and you will receive your payment for the month of January on March 31st.

From March onwards, your payouts will come monthly as you will be receiving February’s payout in April and for your March’s work, you’ll be getting paid in May, therefore, resulting in you getting paid monthly and making the payment process smooth.

We are constantly working with our advertisers to shorten the verification period for the first month and are prospectively looking forward to making it 30 days.

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© - All Rights Reserved