About us

The inklings led to a vision and a dream was conceived. Since we couldn’t possibly uplift every American, financially, we laid the foundations of an arrangement through which opportunities come knocking to every single person in the U.S. Countless efforts later, the idea was given a physical form and Synkdup was birthed. Our tie-ups with the best American Corporations made us steadily move towards our objective to have everything for everyone. Sequentially, we started working on the mechanics of making job opportunities easily reachable. For this, we devised the concept of Dynamic Recruiting, which we like to call Headhunting. With the potential to completely overhaul conventional Job-searching, our Headhunters are changing the way people hear about quality employment opportunities by making them accessible on the grass root level. The Journey continues with much more to come, and much more to achieve…

Our Mission

Synkdup is actively working towards bringing the best employment opportunities to people who need them the most. Over the years we have analyzed that deserving folks, more often than not, don't know about the changing trends in employment. Technicalities have made it more difficult than easy to find opportunities due to all the smokescreens. We have taken the pledge to make it smooth for anyone looking for a job. Our rich job resource coupled with our dynamic recruiting is helping people evade everything unnecessary so that every ounce of their time and effort is spent on just the meaningful stuff.

Our Vision

We have envisioned an America where there are no decided caps on how much a person can earn. Freedom being our core guiding principle, we believe it should be upheld both personally and professionally. And what better way to do it than realizing your limitless earning potential with Synkdup and leading by example for others to realize their financial dreams? We want to create a sustainable model for the populace to reach effective and immediate opportunities so that they are no longer just ‘afloat’ but are nudged towards living a complete life.

© Synkdup.com - All Rights Reserved
© Synkdup.com - All Rights Reserved