How to Earn $100 a Day Online Without a ‘Skill’

Unlock the secret to earning $100 a day online without relying on a specific skill.


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|  22 November 2023

earn up to $100

Making money online isn’t much of a task these days! With opportunities like Online Gaming, Website testing, Dropshipping, etc you won’t be burdened to learn any skill before getting started, moreover you’d be paid as soon as you get your hands on deck, and a lot of these opportunities can even earn you more than $100 a day.

In this article, I have tried to enlist purely online means to potentially make $100 a day online without a specialized skill set.

And though I have only picked up the least risky ones, leaving out promethean stuff like crypto currency, note that enlisted methods don’t guarantee a $100 income daily. And if anywhere you come across a platform that does, tread with caution.

To help with choosing the right method from the myriad of options out there, online earning methods can be broadly classified into marketing oriented, and non-marketing oriented methods.

Marketing Oriented Methods

In the attention economy of today where the competition is for your attention, marketing is the single biggest sector in all online earning side hustles people are taking up.

Most methods that come under the gamut of social media marketing are based on having a large social media following. You could create a blog or youtube channel of your own and be paid for promotions, but it is time-consuming and takes quite a bit of skill. You could even monetize your content on Tiktok, Snapchat, and Instagram if you are a creative person with an entrepreneurial bend.

However, if you just happen to have a large following in a certain niche like gaming, sports, health, fitness, etc, affiliate marketing is the best way to utilize your social media to earn online without any specialized skill.

Out of all the various types of marketing methods of earning online that require minimum skills, the following are the most profitable and likely to help you meet the $100 mark:

1. Affiliate Marketing:

Traditionally, affiliate marketing is done to promote a brand on social media by essentially using your social media pages as advertising space. Working as an affiliate marketer for a company is one of the easiest ways to earn $100 online every day without a ‘skill’ out of all marketing or social media-based methods I know of.

All you need to do is find a suitable affiliate program on the internet that aligns with your interests or niche and join it.

Affiliate Marketing

When you join an affiliate program, you are provided unique affiliate links from the company running the program, which you are expected to invite people to click on your social media accounts.

Every time someone clicks and performs a specified action like purchasing or subscribing, you get a percentage of the sale as a commission.

There are countless affiliate programs out there, but I would suggest you start with Amazon, which has the world's biggest and most trusted affiliate program.

With Amazon, you can get anywhere between 5%-50% of the sale as commission, and by getting enough businesses for Amazon, you can surely hit the $100 online daily target.

The catch is that you need to have a niche or a specific sector in which you have a credible online image in to be successful at affiliate marketing. You can’t be posting random stuff on your accounts, your posts need to be relevant to the products or services you are promoting.

And if you haven’t got a monetizable niche but love the commission-based model of affiliate marketing, don’t worry, as recruitment marketing allows you the benefits of affiliate marketing without the limitation of a niche network.

2. Recruitment Marketing

In practice, it lies at the intersection of social media and affiliate marketing and stands apart only on the basis of the entity offered – Jobs.

As a recruitment marketer, you help the HR of a company in the pre-applicant phase of recruitment by generating a pool of candidates for them. You post and promote job vacancies on your social media platforms to attract potential employees.

You can easily find such jobs on CareerBuilder, Jooble, and Remote.co, and can make $20-$40 an hour.

Synkdup Headhunter

But, many companies require you to not only market the job openings but also carry out some of the HR functions like corresponding with the candidates you find and selecting them for further interview rounds with the actual staff of the company.

With the Synkdup Headhunter Program though, you don’t need to do any of that.

Here is how it works:

  • You go on the Snkdup website and sign up to be a Headhunter.
  • You get a Headhunter dashboard where you can find numerous web links to job openings across America.
  • You share these links on your social media handles and get a handsome commission every time a candidate applies to a job using one of your links.

For every legitimate applicant who applies through your link, you get a commission (around $25- $50) regardless of whether they get a job or not.

Synkdup Headhunter Program utilizes the commission-based model of affiliate marketing for recruitment, making it very convenient for the marketer. It is very convenient to scale and in time, you can easily be earning over $100 daily through your online efforts alone.

You need to grow your social media following among college students. Something as simple as following arbitrary college students hoping for a follow-back could work perfectly well to start building a niche network.

The critical point about the Synkdup Headhunter program is that you don’t need to have a niche network as you do with affiliate marketing because job seekers can be found among your regular social media followers. And neither do you need to perform the HR-related tasks of an online recruiter with this innovative program.

3. Email Marketing:

Although the initial steps of email marketing like building an email list require specialized knowledge, the middle part of actually drafting an email is not very hard. You can write effective marketing emails with really very basic skills. You just gotta write crisp, catchy lines using your general sense of commercial writing developed over the years of consuming advertisements in different forms.

Email Marketing

You just need to find yourself a gig where things like building email lists and sending emails at the right time and frequency are taken care of by someone else and all you need to do is write the emails.

You can find online jobs for email marketing on your regular job-search websites and try your hand at it if you think you are fairly good with words.

4. Drop Shipping

This is a way of selling online where you sell goods that you do not have in stock. Here is how.

For example, you decide to sell shoes through dropshipping. Ordinarily, it would involve buying inventory, stocking it, and shipping it to buyers. But with dropshipping, you don’t have to worry about storing the inventory and shipping the ordered products, as the wholesaler (drop shipper) does it for you.

Drop Shipping

In this way, you save up on a lot of costs and minimize the amount you stand to lose in case your products don’t sell.

Of course, you need to reach a contract with the wholesale supplier whereby he/she agrees to take care of the logistics and order fulfillment for you prior to advertising the goods online. And also, you need an online marketplace to advertise these goods, which can be your social media accounts or you could make a new website specifically for the purpose of drop shipping.

Non-Marketing Oriented Methods

With most of these methods, you will have to eventually move on to something bigger to make $100 online daily. However, with undivided commitment, you can surely make that amount almost daily with these methods.

Here are some of the most interesting of these methods.

1. Website Testing Companies

There are website testing companies that provide feedback services to designers and owners of websites. They arrange for paid participants to take a test where they are required to use the website. After the test, they note their reviews about the graphics and user experience and so on which along with the test results are used to formulate development strategies.

A - Userlytics.com

It gives testers a 20-40 minute test and if your reviews are decent, they usually pay $10 per test. So, you would need to work about seven solid hours and provide reviews for website testing, mobile app testing, and prototype testing to make $100 per day this way.

If you are particularly good at wording your thoughts and feelings with a certain degree of objectivity and can describe experiences well, you can actually do very well testing websites.

If you are serious about this, it would probably be better not to rely on a single website and pick a couple of other websites as well.

Things to consider while picking a website testing e-platform

  • You need to be careful while choosing a website testing service-providing company to work for. Go through their descriptions thoroughly and weigh the pros and cons.
  • A website may offer unlimited daily work but, pay in amazon and PayPal gift cards instead of hard cash.
  • An otherwise perfect platform might require filling out surveys and consistently getting selected for work.
  • The platform may pay release pay weekly only through a specific platform like PayPal.
  • The post-test review may involve answering particular and detailed questions about color, layout, site navigation, ease of use, and overall concept. It could be more work than you imagined.
  • The pay might be meager like $0.$10 -$1.5 per test.
  • Your voice, face, and screen may be required to be recorded during the test.
B - UserTesting.com

I would personally suggest UserTesting. It is to website testing what amazon is to online shopping. UserTesting is the most widely trusted and used platform in the industry. Assuming that safety is the top priority for most people starting out in online earning, this is the ideal platform.

But, the problem is that it pays a week after the test, meaning, you would have to take a twenty-minute test with a scheduled video conference call daily to hit the $100 mark. This kind of test is the highest paying one they offer - up to $120 per test. But something tells me it is not easy to get these types of tests every day.

So, I‘d suggest you start with User Testing and once you see results include Userlytics and a couple of other websites in your routine. Maintain User Testing as a steady source of income to make up for the days when you don’t meet the $100 target from the accumulated earnings from other sites.

Market research including consumer feedback is invaluable to corporations, especially in the FMCG sector. By allowing companies to reach people they would not normally reach, the internet has made it very convenient to generate bulk research data based on real-life ordinary people including users, taking paid online surveys a separate industry in its own right today.

However, you can only make so much money out of online surveys and would need to use the money you earn to set up a more sustainable way to make $100 online daily. Most platforms pay only around $1 per survey and so you can’t make $100 online daily from online surveys.

However, there are companies out there that pay $30 - $150 an hour for participating in research through online focus groups. A focus group is a small group of people invited to share their views on certain products or services.

A lot of times companies are looking for experts and professionals to participate in research but often, you can be eligible to participate just by virtue of being a student, parent, a worker in a particular industry, or user of a certain product/service.

So, you can always try your luck on User Interviews and Respondent.io, which are two of the most widely trusted platforms for taking part in the research.

Final Thought: Finding Your Path

Increasing brand awareness for others or marketing is certainly one of the biggest sectors in the online earning industry. I hesitate to use ‘Digital Marketing’ because that doesn’t quite capture the full wide scope of it. Because the term seems to suggest technical stuff while internet marketing is not restricted to technical skill or craft.

You can, for instance, do very well as an email marketer with only very basic linguistic ability through knowledge of the relatively technical stuff like (time, frequency, and length, of the mail) would tremendously help.

In fact, my personal suggestion would be to start with e-mails, if you decide to go into writing. And if you are more than good with words and can string them together decently well, you can try different types of internet writing under the umbrella term content writing. Content writers such as myself usually write for both Google and social sites like Instagram which bring into contention the use of the term instead of internet writer, but that’s another discussion.

The point is with only very basic writing skills you can try different forms of content marketing and try writing for an email campaign, social media posts, or websites on the internet.

I suppose the question to ask yourself then is whether you are more creative or conscientious. Marketing would be a good idea because you are more like the open, creative type while the rest of the methods which are not based on marketing should work just fine for you if you don’t find yourself to be particularly creative.

Hope you found the article useful and best of luck!

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