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How To Drive For Uber? (Application, Salaries & Requirements Included)

Interested in becoming an Uber driver and boosting your income? Read about all the Uber driver requirements you need to fulfill to land the job.
By Synkdup Editorial Team  |  19 April 2024
how to drive for uber

Like driving around and interacting with new people? Why not get paid for it? With companies like Uber, one can pursue a career as a ride-share driver and earn a good buck. The company has been on an upward trajectory for years and doesn’t look like it's slowing down anytime soon.

It does not have too many requirements and is easy to apply for. Joining forces with one of the top emerging brands in the world could be a great platform for growth. You can pick up many hard and soft skills that could help later on down the road. Why not start your professional journey by becoming an Uber driver?

Uber Driver Requirements

Candidates must meet certain basic criteria to get hired by the company. These criteria are mainly of three kinds. Let’s dive into them.


Some basic requirements needed to qualify for this role include:

  • Meet the minimum age requirement for driving in the city. This is typically 16 in most states but can vary in other parts of the United States.
  • If the candidate is over 25, they must have at least one year of licensed driving experience.
  • Candidates below the age of 25 require at least three years of licensed driving experience.

An important point to note is that just because you are 16 and have a driver’s license does not mean you can drive for Uber. You will also need three years of licensed driving experience, which will take your age up to a minimum of 19 before you are eligible to be an Uber driver.


The company demands certain documents either due to its policies or legal requirements. These include

  • A valid USA driver’s license
  • Evidence of residency in your state, city, or province (e.g., Passport)
  • Vehicle insurance proof for individuals who intend to drive their automobiles
  • A driver profile photo

Other documents that may be needed in some states include:

  • A valid Social Security Card
  • In-state vehicle registration of the automobile. The registration may be under
  • someone else’s name.

Background Check

The company is known for offering felon friendly jobs and is willing to give individuals a second chance in society. Once you apply and sign up, the company will examine your history through an online screening test. Here are some details you need to know about it:

    • The test is carried out by using the candidate’s Social Security number to access information regarding their driving history and criminal records.
    • Uber outsources the initial phase of its screening process through Checkr. Uber may implement additional checks in compliance with changes to local laws or modifications in their standards for background checks.
    • Uber pays for the examination of driving history and criminal records.
    • Uber does not conduct drug tests on its applicants or credit checks on drivers.

Candidates must meet the following criteria during the background check to be eligible for recruitment:

      • An applicant must ensure that in the past 7 years, they have not had any major moving violations like Driving While Intoxicated (DWI ), Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Reckless driving, etc.<l/i>
      • The applicant should have had at most three minor moving violations in the past three years, which include offenses such as breaching traffic regulations, speeding tickets, and so on.
      • They must not have had convictions related to sexual offenses, violent crimes, or felonies in the last seven years.

How To Apply for An Uber Driver Job?

The application process for Uber is pretty simple and can be completed online. Candidates can fill out the driver application form on the Uber website or use their app. They must then provide the requisite documents when prompted. If an individual is unable to complete these procedures online, they may visit the nearest Uber office or call the company.

The applicant must then provide consent for a background check and wait for a response. This may take up to 10 days. Once you’ve got the green light for the screening and can clear it, the company will approve the driver’s application. After this is done, the individual can enable drive mode in the Uber app to begin accepting ride requests and start earning.

Types Of Uber Driver Services

Uber not only offers cab service but also has various kinds of services within it. Each caters to different consumer needs and preferences. They also have different vehicle requirements and other needs.


It is a low-cost option that suits customers who prefer affordability when selecting a ride or have a limited budget to operate with. It offers seating for up to 4 passengers in a vehicle, makes it go around town, and offers great value for money.


It is a great choice for those traveling in large groups or if there is a greater amount of luggage involved. The vehicles are typically SUVs or minivans and are capable of accommodating 6 passengers.


It is more high-end for customers who prefer more luxurious rides or are more status-obsessed with their purchases. These are ideal for special occasions if one needs to make an impression in a social setting. It has room for up to four passengers at one time.

Vehicle Requirements To Drive For Uber

One of the major pluses of working with Uber is that you can either use your vehicle to perform the job or flirt with other alternatives like renting or leasing a ride. Uber accepts short-term rentals or peer-to-peer car-sharing platforms like GetAround or Turo.

The company also offers a wide array of service options. Depending on what type of service drivers opt to provide to customers, the company has requirements to which the vehicles must adhere. Some of these are listed below:


The following vehicle requirements apply to UberX:

      • Air conditioning and windows should be fully functional.
      • Full-sized vans and trucks are not permitted.
      • No marked vehicles like taxi cabs, government vehicles, etc.
      • Salved and rebuilt vehicles are not accepted.
      • The majority of car models that are 2006 or newer are eligible to provide services in UberX
      • 4-door sedans that are in good condition
      • Capable of accommodating at least 4 passengers in addition to the driver.


      The vehicle requirements that apply to UberXL are mentioned below:
      • Full-sized Van and trucks are not permitted
      • Taxi cabs, government cars, or marked vehicles are not accepted
      • Salvaged and rebuilt automobiles are not permitted
      • The majority of SUVs qualify to drive with UberXL
      • A four-door SUV or minivan with independently opening doors
      • Capable seating 4 passengers, excluding the driver
      • Functional air conditioning and windows


The following vehicle requirements apply to UberBlack:

      • No paint oxidation
      • Must not contain poorly repainted components
      • Must have emblems
      • Black leather or vinyl interiors with no tears
      • Windows must be functional
      • No noticeable stains
      • Efficient Air conditioning
      • Able to accommodate 4 riders in addition to the driver
      • TCP (Transportation Charter Permit) number must be mentioned in the front and back
      • Commercial Insurance
      • The model must be dated 2013 or newer
      • Black exteriors in good condition
      • No visible dents
      • No paint scratches
      • No stickers, apart from the TCP numbers

Vehicle Registration And Insurance Needed To Drive For Uber

The vehicle the candidate intends to use must have license plates matching the state they intend to drive in. It must also have up-to-date registration tags. If the city you reside in lies along the border of another, you may be granted an exception.

      • Certain states may require drivers to display a decal on their vehicle indicating that they are Uber drivers. Whether or not you need to do so in your state can be confirmed by visiting the Uber website.
      • An Uber driver must possess ridesharing car insurance, which may be referred to as liability or ‘gap’ insurance.
      • It is important to note that regular automobile insurance does not cover incidents when passengers are being transported using your vehicle. The company offers ridesharing insurance options, but it is best to examine your options beforehand before making your final choice.

Vehicle Inspection Process To Be An Uber Driver

Uber conducts a thorough examination of both the candidate and their vehicle before approving them. Applicants need to do research and understand relevant details beforehand so they can come in prepared and increase their chances of approval.


An applicant can complete their vehicle inspection at any state-licensed auto repair shop or an Uber activation center. If the candidate already has a valid inspection sticker, then this step may be skipped.

Free Of Cost

The company carries out inspections for free at its centers. On the other hand, if a candidate opts to make use of their own mechanic, the liability for paying out the required service charges is on them.


Uber checks the safety and mechanical features of the ride to ensure they match the requisite standards. This involves the inspection of lights, brakes, tires, seat belts, etc. to see if they are in good condition.

Perks Of Being An Uber Driver

Driving with a company like Uber or working with any top brand is bound to offer its benefits. Hence, companies need to take good care of their employees and help enhance their job satisfaction. This, in turn, increases organizational productivity.


The company offers its drivers the option to determine their schedule. One need not schedule their shifts beforehand and is allowed to work as often or as long as they like. Hence, drivers need not worry too much about rigid and lengthy driving schedules at work. It makes the job a lot more convenient.

Quicker Payout

Uber drivers get paid weekly for their services. This is a huge plus, as the liquidity in cash flow can massively help out with emergency payments. They also have the option of withdrawing money up to 5 times a day with a surcharge of $0.50 each time they cash out.

Keep All Of The Tips

Tips are not mandatory for passengers, but Uber drivers get to keep the entire share of the tips earned. Although one cannot directly control how much or how often they are tipped, it is still a nice bonus for them to have. Good customer service, behavior, punctuality, etc. can help out riders greatly and increase your odds of getting tipped.


An Uber driver may carry out their shift at hours when fares are higher to boost their income. Technically speaking, this refers to hours when the demand for rides is greater, which incentivizes more drivers to log in and be available.

The exact hours subject to this concept vary by region and also by day of the week. Other factors influencing it include special events or other happenings locally that create higher demand in the area.

How Are Uber Driver Earnings Calculated?

The calculation of an Uber driver is a very different affair compared to that of a regular cab driver. An Uber driver’s earnings comprise three elements, which are fares, promotions, and tips. Hence, they are not fixed and can vary every month depending on certain factors.


Fares are your earnings from each completed ride delivery or shipping order. These vary based on one’s region. In some cities, drivers will earn a base fare for each ride, along with additional money based on time and distance traveled. These rates vary regionally. The total fare for the journey is calculated at the end of each trip and is based on how far and long they travel.

In other cities, the driver can see how much they make and how far they have to go before accepting a trip. Upfront fares weigh in driving conditions like demand and destination while making calculations. Also, if there is unexpected traffic or the trip gets longer than initially forecasted, the fare increases accordingly.

Apart from the time, distance, and demand, there are a few other details to be taken into consideration when determining how much you earn on each ride. They are not as common but they can add up and increase your salary.

These include reservations where an Uber driver accepts rides booked by customers in advance. Also, if the ride is charged a toll or any other surcharge during the trip, the cost of the toll is charged to the passenger and refunded to you. Apart from these, if the passengers cancel after you’ve already begun driving towards them, then they are charged a cancellation fee, and you are compensated for the inconvenience.


These are great methods to earn more. Drivers can learn more about them through the app and be alert about the ones available at the moment. The main promotions available on offer by Uber are Boost+, Surge Pricing, Quest, etc.

Surge pricing is based on the economic principle of demand in the market. During hours when the demand is higher, the earnings per trip tend to go upward. This positive correlation can help you capitalize on your efforts and boost your income.

Quests offer extra money, kind of like a bonus for completing a certain number of trips. This incentivizes drivers to put more effort into their craft and also allows the company to serve more customers, which helps boost profitability. Good business all around.

Boost+ offers additional earnings upon every trip undertaken and completed successfully within a promotional zone. It is a great option for the company to help reach out to customers in specific zones and target them.


The Uber app allows passengers to tip their trip driver if they choose to. Tipping is a practice that may allow drivers to earn a few extra bucks. As mentioned earlier, Uber does not deduct any amount from the driver’s tips. This means they are entirely yours to take home. Drivers may also view how much they have accumulated through tips within the app.

Salary Of An Uber Driver

Money is without a doubt an important factor to consider when looking for any job in any industry. Finding a job that pays well for our services helps us provide for ourselves and to live better lives. Transportation is the same when it comes to the job market. The industry has a great deal of blue-collar openings, which pay well.

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make Annually?

The exact pay of an Uber Driver depends primarily upon the efforts they put in. Factors like experience, degrees possessed, etc. carry no value. Based on the numbers provided by GlassDoor, an Uber driver makes around $48,000 to $49,000 per year on average. Their earnings depend mainly on their trips and other factors discussed.

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make Per Ride?

There are no official studies or statistics that have determined an exact figure to answer this question. There are numerous variables out there influencing how much Uber drivers make per ride. A trip nearby in a locality may earn them as little as $2, while a trip across town in traffic can earn you $80 or upwards. Hence, it is not possible to get an exact answer to this query.

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make Per Hour?

The exact earnings of an Uber driver are not fixed and fluctuate depending on factors related to their trips. Going by the details provided by GlassDoor, an Uber driver makes an average of about $24 to $25 an hour. However, these figures are not fixed in any way, and ultimately, it all comes down to their effort.

How Much Tax Do Uber Drivers Pay?

Individuals working with Uber are categorized as self-employed. Self-employed workers are charged a tax rate of 15.3% from their earnings by the IRS.


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