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What is FedEx Background Check and How Do You Clear It?

Discover the ins and outs of the FedEx background check process along with expert tips to navigate and successfully clear it.
By Synkdup Editorial Team  |  19 February 2024
FedEx Background Check

FedEx is a major global brand and employs over 500,000 workers across various positions. The American conglomerate is a well-established multinational corporation and is a popular option among job seekers. The company primarily operates in e-commerce, business services, and transportation. It is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Many are curious about what the hiring procedures for the company are like. This applies to both blue-collar and white-collar roles in the firm. Being a top brand, they must be careful with their hiring policies. Thereby, ensuring the best employees represent them. FedEx gives everyone a fair chance based on merit.

What Is A FedEx Background Check?

A FedEx background check aims to verify a candidate’s identity and all other information they’ve provided. It goes over various other details, like criminal records, educational qualifications, history of employment, credit history, and motor vehicle license records, to name a few.

The company also checks whether what a candidate has mentioned on their CV and cover letter is authentic. Hence, knowing how to write an effective resume is important, but make sure you are also truthful. The same applies to the cover letter too.

Not every firm goes over each of these details. But generally, it would be best to be prepared for all possible scenarios. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulate background checks in the United States.

Another important thing to remember is that a background check cannot be performed on a candidate without their consent. Companies also face restrictions on the retention and sharing of such information. Hence, candidates can be assured of their privacy.

The First Advantage FedEx Background Check

Most companies do not like to get their hands dirty with background checks. So, instead of taking up this burden, most prefer to outsource it. This is not a bad option; it allows the organization to focus on other, more productive tasks. Plus, outsourcing allows experts to handle the matter, and they can do things better.

First Advantage is an organization that offers background checks and other similar services. Companies often outsource various screening activities to them. FedEx has also been known to have worked with them for recruitment purposes.

What To Expect From FedEx Background Check?

Like all major brands, FedEx also has a thorough and detailed background. But there is no need to panic. Here, we take a look at the common procedures that one can expect to encounter during the screening. Let’s dive right into it.

Motor Vehicle Reports & Driving Records

An MVR contains all the information about an individual’s driving history. It goes through the candidate’s driving license, car accidents, traffic violations, infractions, etc. DUIs are also looked at. Driving records do not vary too greatly from MVRs and typically emphasize driving credentials and relevant records.

Criminal Records

A detailed examination of the individual’s criminal record is a definite must when applying for any big company. The company does discriminate against felons and is willing to give them a second chance. However, the role you are applying for and the type of crime committed will all be taken into account during the recruitment process.

Credit History

Getting a basic idea of how you spend your money will help the company better understand you. Also, a candidate spending too much of their income on things like alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc. may be viewed as a red flag.

Documents Needed For The FedEx Background Check

A candidate also needs to make sure they are prepared with all the relevant documents that are asked for by the employer. Let us take a look at some of the must-haves for job seekers.


This involves submitting official documents that provide basic details about you, like full name, date of birth, address, etc. ID card copies can be asked for here, and in some cases, even passport copies. Both are government-approved documents, which adds to their credibility.

Social Security Card

Typically, employers will need to know your social security number. Hence, you may be asked for a copy of your social security card. This was especially true for non-American candidates.

Consent Form

You must finally agree to and fill out a form for the background check. Once this form is submitted, the company only has the authority to perform a background check on you. It is best to understand and go through the document thoroughly.

FedEx Background Check Criteria

The background check has numerous variants, depending on the position one applies for. Pretty much every job applicant out there for FedEx will have to undergo a background check while applying.

FedEx will conduct a prior criminal conviction check for nearly every job title. Those applying for warehousing roles must undergo a drug screening test as well. Candidates applying for driving roles must possess a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL). Their driving records will also be examined.

The company also examines multiple elements during the screening process.

  • Date of the offence and conviction
  • Total Number Of Offenses Committed
  • The number of repeat offenses
  • Types of crimes
  • Rehabilitation efforts put in by the candidate

FedEx Background Check Disqualifiers

FedEx adopts a felon-friendly hiring policy. The company believes in granting convicts a second chance in society. However, it goes about it more diligently. The company takes a look at both the position applied for and the types of offenses committed.

For example, if you have a recent DUI offense, it may not be a good idea to apply for a delivery driver role. However, you have every chance of making it in a role like a warehouse worker, as the offense does not have any connection with job duties.

A DUI convict may even make it into a driver role if they have shown positive signs of reform and if the crime and conviction were long ago. It also helps if they have not repeated the offense multiple times. Giving up the consumption of intoxicants also helps their case.

Another example would be a person who has a recent fraud or theft-related offense and finds it difficult to land a job at FedEx that requires the handling of cash. Once again, if they have reformed, then there is always a second chance. But these factors must be considered before applying.

What Do You Need For A Successful FedEx Career?

Regardless of what job title one is applying for, some elements will remain constant. The company is built on values like trust, honesty, and integrity. They expect their employees to exemplify these values while at work.

They must also have job-related skills to contribute to the company and help the firm satisfy its customers. They must be responsible workers who carry out their duties well. So whenever you are applying for FedEx or any company with a background check, it is best to be straightforward and open about your past.

Do not panic if you have a past conviction. Do not try to hide it. Be open and honest about it while applying. If you hide a past offense and it gets discovered in the background check, that can greatly hamper your chances of being hired.

You’d have been better off being upfront and open about it from the start. The best case scenario is if the background check confirms everything you’ve stated in the interview and application process.

FedEx Application Procedure

Owing to its large size and frequent demand for workers, the company has a uniform hiring process. It is difficult for them to tailor their hiring policies differently for individuals due to the large number of applications they receive.

1. Apply Online

You can browse for job openings in the company through the FedEx Careers website section. Find a job you like, and then create an account to begin applying for the job. You then need to fill out an online application and attach your resume and cover letter to it. It helps add soft and hard skills to a cover letter and resume.

2. Personality Quizzes And Behavioral Tests

Candidates may need to fill out some behavioral aptitude tests and personality quizzes. These will help the recruiters get an idea of the kind of qualities you possess as a person. This consists of traits like temperament and may also help them figure out what type of role you are suited for.

3. Job Interviews

The next stage in the hiring process is an interview, or even multiple interviews in some cases. The type of interview you face and the kind of questions asked will also vary depending on the role you apply for. Interviews may be one-on-one or even involve a panel of interviewers.

4. Background Check

This step is only performed on those who are serious candidates and are being strongly considered for the job offer. At this stage, it is best to disclose any previous convictions you have had. Interviewers will often ask about previous crimes before choosing you for the background check. Avoid hiding anything important from them.

5. Job Offer

If the organization is comfortable with your results from the background and trusts your work-related capabilities, they may offer you the job. Here, you get to negotiate details like salary, benefits, etc.

Tips To Clear The FedEx Background Check

Understanding the application procedure helps massively, but you also have to figure out how to clear each stage and do so effectively.

Apply Wisely

If you have a past conviction, make sure it does not relate to the job description of the vacancy you are applying for. Rather, opt to apply for a job where the nature of the crime committed does not hinder your chances of being recruited.

For example, if you have a conviction related to theft, it may not be wise to apply for a post like a package handler. The firm may consider it risky and not trust you, suspecting you may steal their goods. But if you can apply for a warehouse role like a forklift driver, where there is a lesser chance of theft, you have better odds of being accepted.

Be Open And Honest

The biggest mistake you can make when applying for any job is to try and hide certain important details. Do not lie or try to cover up details like crime history. You hiding it and them finding out later will look worse compared to if you just state it yourself before the screening.

Emphasize Your Rehabilitation Efforts

If you committed a crime a few years ago, you can also talk about how you learned from it and reformed as a person later on. This is especially important if the crime is connected in any way to your job description.

For example, if you committed a driving offense a few years ago and are applying for a driver’s job, mention how you grew from the experience and sought to avoid it again in the future. If you were convicted of the crime, you can tell about how you reformed during your time in prison.

If you convince them that you have changed and are a better person now, there is always a probability that you may be given a second chance in your career.

Relevant Work Experience And Skills

Of course, you need to show that you are qualified on the job front. Having previous work experience that resembles the job opening you are attempting to fill also helps. Also, pay special attention to the kinds of jobs you have done after your conviction.

You must also show that you have the required skills needed to fill the vacancy. This includes both hard and soft skills. Even if you have no past criminal history, you may still be turned down if you are not a good fit for the role.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does FedEx drug test its job applicants?

Ans: Yes, it does. Not only job applicants but also its employees are drug-tested in certain cases. For instance, if they have been promoted or shifted to a new location. Drivers are tested periodically, after each quarter, i.e., every three months.

Q: Does FedEx hire felons?

Ans: Yes, the company believes in offering second chances in life with its felon-friendly hiring policies. However, it considers multiple factors thoroughly before finally granting the job offer.

Q: How far back does First Advantage background check go?

Ans: The exact answer varies slightly from state to state, but generally speaking, we can expect it to go back at least 7 years into a candidate’s crime history.

Q: How far back does a CDL background check go?

Ans: CDL background checks typically go back at least 3 years into the individual’s driving history. The exact answer varies by location.

Q: How long does a FedEx background check take?

Ans: The time taken for the background check varies from person to person, depending on numerous factors. If a candidate is clean and has no major history of crime, it should not take long. It could be done in 2–3 days. If you do have convictions, it may take longer and can last for weeks! Also, the higher the position you apply for, the longer it may take.

Q: What happens after FedEx background check?

Ans: After the background check is completed, the company then decides whether or not to give you the job offer. There are usually no other steps in between.


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