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How to Get a Job with No Experience

Discover the path to success in the job market, tailored for beginners and those looking to make a career change.
By Synkdup Editorial Team  |  21 November 2023
Job with No Experience

Experience is surely the currency when you are out there looking for a job. People experienced in a particular field or with a specialization in a niche are definitely preferred over the ones who are fairly new and have just begun on their job-searching journey.

And preferably so, imagine yourself in charge of a ship. Whom would you want to be accompanied by? A group of experienced seafarers or just anybody interested in a ship ride? Definitely the former, right?

Well, the same goes for running organizations. Employers are always on the lookout for individuals who have amassed a certain working experience that can be utilized by the employers for the organization’s growth.

Does it mean people without relevant work experience shouldn’t aim high? No, because life’s all about improvisation. Here are a few tips you can adhere to if your resume is not very strong but your intent connection is.

Certification Courses

Not Experienced? Don’t worry because there is a perfect alternative in town.

Various reputed certification platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Google Grow, etc are offering a plethora of professional certification courses that will help you to start your career in digital marketing, creative writing, data science, cloud computing, and many more.

For your convenience, here are some of the free certification courses:

  • Digital Marketing Certification Course
  • UX/UI Certification Course
  • Copywriting Certification Course
  • Business Analyst Certification Course
  • Data Analytics Professional Certificate
  • Cloud Developer Certification course, and many more.

Most of these courses are free and skill intensive. Completing a certification course successfully gives you the edge of having know-how in a particular niche and the employer an idea that you know your way around a particular role.

Technology has certainly made it possible for budding job seekers to amplify their skill set without even being in a professional setup. These courses are highly comprehensive and duly replicate client projects you are going to get exposed to in a real job setting.

Also, besides boosting your skill set, it does add a certain amount of weight to your resume.

Start Networking

Networking is the key to professional endeavors. Memorize this in case you need to use it in a social setting. What exactly is networking? It’s when you create means and arrangements to get to know specific people who might help you, directly or indirectly, in your career pursuit.

Everything has communities, and getting into one that favors your career can be tough. In that case, you would need to explore platforms like

These platforms are thriving with communities of different interests. Find yours and connect. Learn about the latest industry trends and requirements. Create multiple accounts and start posting your queries. You would be surprised at how quickly your questions will get answered on some platforms.

These platforms also have various public as well as private groups. Find what is most relevant to your job profile and start engaging. There would be people from different organizations who might also be working for the same job profile as you are interested in.

Prepare a list of those people and connect with them daily. Once they notice your inquiry, they’ll start giving you insider tips for their respective organizations, or some might even be willing to refer you to their organizations. With a little bit of patience, it’ll all start falling into place.

Language, Communication & Writing

This might very well be the most important and the most neglected aspect of job searching. If you know the language, without making it flowery or esoteric, and have the capabilities to effectively communicate whatever you are trying to put forth verbally or in writing, you’ll have an edge that the employers are specifically looking for.

Believe it or not, many experienced candidates with sometimes even ten to twelve years of experience struggle with putting their thoughts into words and writing. Mastering the art of articulation puts you way ahead of most people who fumble at the mere thought of speaking with an employer.

If you have this skill or are working to acquire this skill, even your lack of experience can be put into words that are compelling and leave the employer flabbergasted.

Pro tip* Don’t overdo it!

Learn the Jargon

Every job profile has a language. Engineers have their own, marketing executives their’s while HRs like to play it smoothly. This is actually something you’ll get to know during your networking spree.

You’ll notice how executives of a related profile say words under the assumption that the other would already know about it. You may come across words like Data-points, Reference links, Wireframes, etc. Whatever it is you are interested in, make a list of often repeated words. Research their usage and functionalities and start incorporating the same into your daily vocabulary.

Doing this will also help you get a deep understanding of what to expect in your job profile and obviously make you come off as an expert in the respective field.

Freelance on the Side

It never hurt anyone to do a bit of freelancing. In fact, you’ll be benefited from the exposure you’ll have working independently for various clients.

You’ll develop an understanding of managing projects and client deadlines and will also get into the grove of completing tasks due to repetition.

Consider it as net practice before you go out in the field and hit it out of the park. Whatever mitigations are required to amplify your confidence and compensate for your lack of experience will come directly from freelancing.

There are a lot of freelancing platforms where you can just make a profile and start working from day one. These are

You can also take up internships or volunteer in some organization to add that little spazz to your profile. After you are done doing this, you can start sending out resumes to potential employers.

Don’t stop unless you don’t get a revert and when you do, remember you are ready and shine. All that you’ve accumulated till now shall come to life, you are not someone with no experience now, you have a specialization certificate, a professional community that knows you, you know the jargon, you have the language, and you even have experience working on client projects.

Monetize Your Social Media

Now, you might say, all these methods take TIME, how am I supposed to get by while I incorporate these suggestions and finally get a job?

Well, you could take a commission-based job that has no experience requirements and doesn’t pay lousy wages. The Synkdup Headhunter program is one such job where you can work on your own time and make money by giving more visibility to job openings on the internet.

You do this by joining the program and posting the web links provided to you on your social media handles. These links land the user to job openings across the U.S. and whenever someone applies to a job following a link you posted, you get a commission of up to $25.

Headhunting allows you to make good use of the social media network you have cultivated up to now and feel less bad about spending all that precious time on social media.

What’s more, Headhunters have been reported to make up to $3000 a month! So, who knows, you might even find your purpose in helping others find a job!

Final Word

These are all really practicable ideas that you can implement to get a job with no experience. However, it is important to not put too much on your plate and focus on one area of improvement at once. Also, you don’t have to follow all these suggestions, they are all just pieces of advice and you should take them as such.

I really hope you find these suggestions helpful, and best of luck with finding your dream job even without experience!


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