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Top 10 Jobs For Pregnant Women And How to Get Hired

Pregnancy does not have to be the end or halt of one’s career. There are plenty of jobs for pregnant women, which can keep their professional lives going.
By Synkdup Editorial Team  |  11 March 2024
Jobs For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a phase of a woman's life that is filled with mixed emotions. It can be a very turbulent physical and emotional phase in their lives. In the eyes of society, a typical pregnant woman is constantly resting, watching her diet along with her health, and preparing to welcome her newborn into the world, as well as planning for their future.

It is almost unimaginable to some that there are women who choose to carry on with their professional lives despite going through such a major phase in their personal lives! Yes, they do exist, and this article is just for them.

Top Jobs For Pregnant Women

Many companies even have contractual stipulations preventing female employees from getting pregnant during their employment tenure. However, on the flip side, many companies are now accepting them as the trend for pregnant-friendly jobs is on the rise. This is great news for the feminine section of the job market. Let’s explore some jobs for pregnant women.

1. Website Tester

National Average Salary: $35 per hour (Source: Glassdoor)

Most website testers have some form of certification, which qualifies them for the role. However, it is possible to land a job without formal education, provided candidates can showcase that they can perform the role well to their employers. It will also require a lot of dedication and self-discipline to pick up these skills on their own.

As the job title suggests, their role mainly involves performing various tests on the website to assess its functionality and ensure it is up to standards. They must also examine the usability of the website and provide feedback on it to help enhance its quality. Website testers are also responsible for detecting bugs and verifying their compatibility with various browsers.

2. SynkdUp Headhunter

National Average Salary: Depends upon performance (Source: SynkdUp)

Recruitment marketing as an industry has flourished greatly over recent years. One role in particular that has gained prominence is that of the ’HeadHunter’. A headhunter generally acts as a middleman between job seekers and recruiters. Their objective is to help create suitable matches for all parties involved.

SynkdUp has its own commission-based referral program. The ‘SynkdUp HeadHunter Program’ allows participants to work flexibly, making it a pregnant-friendly job. A SynkdUp headhunter can earn up to $25 in commissions per successful application. Yup, that’s right, just for each successful applicant. One need not wait for them to be hired.

Headhunters working with SynkdUp can promote jobs by leveraging their social media following and posting job links on their accounts. Sharing jobs on social media can be an easy task for pregnant women that does not require much physical exertion. They may also go around sticking fliers in places they feel they are likely to find relevant job seekers.

The program is also a huge positive for the community as it helps grant livelihoods to people, thereby curbing unemployment. It is immensely satisfying on a human level to know you are helping improve the lives of individuals and their families. The program can be a good initiative when it comes to jobs for pregnant women.

3. Market Research Analyst

National Average Salary: $35 per hour (Source: Glassdoor)

It is a work opportunity that requires a good understanding of the industry and consumers. It requires a relevant college degree to qualify for the role in the eyes of most employers. They collect and interpret information to help draw insights. Company officials use these to make more informed decisions.

They compose surveys to understand customer needs and then implement statistical processes to obtain results, which are then analyzed. Market research analysts need to write reports and submit them to higher officials in the company. Additionally, being adept communicators helps professionals in this line of work, as they must exchange great amounts of information with others while working.

4. Influencer

National Average Salary: $34 per hour (Source: Glassdoor)

An influencer is an individual who possesses a strong social reach and is capable of using it to commercially benefit brands. Currently, the typical metric of one’s social reach is one's social media following. Brands pay influencers to leverage their following to help promote their products and services to their followers and boost sales.

The role tends to offer flexible work schedules, allowing individuals to work at their own pace. This makes them good jobs for pregnant women. Many of these types of roles can even be done on a work-from-home basis or whatever setting one feels comfortable in, and they usually do not require educational qualifications.

5. Content Writer

National Average Salary: $31 per hour (Source: Glassdoor)

It is a role with great opportunities for part-time work and online work, making these suitable jobs for pregnant women. It pays well and does not require formal education, provided one can prove their competency in the role to their employers. A relevant degree or certification helps, but again, it is optional.

One must possess good writing abilities in the assigned language. Being a good communicator in general also helps. They must ensure their content is appealing to readers and serves the purpose intended by their employers. Content writers need to be good at researching so they have good material to base their work on and must be able to meet submission deadlines for their content. A decent typing speed is also preferable.

6. Proofreader

National Average Salary: $26 per hour (Source: Glassdoor)

It does not require even a high school diploma to be hired in this role. If one can prove they possess the necessary attributes to flourish, they can be recruited. However, such individuals may require more on-the-job training. Having a relevant certificate or degree can greatly help a candidate’s case.

Job seekers for this designation need to have a strong command over the grammar and formatting of written content. Additionally, being able to optimize written material further to enhance readability and appeal is essential. It also has many remote and online options, making it more suited to pregnant women.

7. Online Tutors

National Average Salary: $24 per hour (Source: Glassdoor)

Being a tutor is another great, pregnant-friendly job opportunity. It does not require any educational qualifications to pursue, but possessing relevant degrees or certifications can certainly be an advantage and boost your credentials. A tutor helps out students who want extra guidance academically. Hence, tutors must be highly knowledgeable in the assigned subjects.

A tutor must also be able to understand the needs of the individuals they work with and figure out what brings the best out of them. Additionally, being a good role model and a good example is essential for tutors to set the tone for their pupils. One can get back in touch with subjects they excelled at in school and use it to help kids struggling with the subject.

8. Bookkeeper

National Average Salary: $23 per hour (Source: Glassdoor)

Entry-level bookkeeping roles typically require candidates to be high school graduates at the very minimum. Possessing additional certifications beyond those is beneficial. They need to have a good grasp of accounting fundamentals and formulas, along with being able to implement them in a professional setting.

Being adept at handling numbers is a huge plus, as they must process multiple financial transactions daily. Bookkeepers have to be able to bring accounts to the trial balance stages and ensure the figures are accurate for further processing. It does not require much physical exertion and can even be performed online.

9. Customer Service Representative

National Average Salary: $19 per hour (Source: Glassdoor)

Officially speaking, there is no formal education requirement for entry into this profession. However, most recruiters prefer candidates to be high school graduates at the very minimum. The employee must also develop a good understanding of the firm and its products and services. This will require some on-the-job training too.

Being an adept communicator in the assigned language is essential to excelling in this work. This applies both to active listening and speaking abilities. Active listening helps employees understand the issues faced by the customer. It aids them in providing better solutions, while being able to speak well helps them convey their thoughts correctly and get the right message across.

10. Office Clerk

National Average Salary: $19 per hour (Source: Glassdoor)

Typically, employers seek out candidates who have at least completed high school to fill such roles. Employees are responsible for keeping records updated to ensure they are usable. They must organize office documents, handle phone calls, and, if needed, redirect them to the appropriate colleague in the office.

Individuals in this role must be a bit of a jack of all trades. They need to know the basics of performing a variety of tasks and be able to execute them well. These include a bit of bookkeeping, management, monitoring the availability of necessary items, etc. It is a role that offers great scope for learning numerous skills.

Things To Consider When Looking For Work While Pregnant

<;p>Pregnancy can be draining, and searching for work can be quite stressful. So imagine what it must be like for women to deal with both simultaneously! However, one need not get too worked up over it, as it is completely manageable provided they know how to go about it appropriately.

Evaluate Your Abilities

Pregnancy brings certain limitations to one’s functioning, which can be managed with proper care. However, pregnant women should realistically reflect on and evaluate what they can do during this phase and what they can’t. Figuring this out will help them assess what kind of workload they can take on.

In addition, individuals should determine what hard and soft skills they possess and which job titles they are relevant to. Failure to properly evaluate one’s abilities will lead to them struggling to find or hold onto work opportunities in their careers. Finding the right fit will aid massively in helping you elevate your capabilities.

Candidates should also consider the benefits offered by the company and whether or not they suit them. Companies that have good policies for maternity leave and offer support are a huge positive to look for.

Check For Part-Time and Online Options

A good idea would be to pay special attention to roles that offer part-time job and work-from-home options. These options suit pregnant women a lot more, so they can be given preference compared to others when looking for work. Some roles, by nature, have more scope for such alternatives compared to others.

A part-time role has fewer working hours, making it easier to manage compared to full-time roles. Part-time workers also have less responsibility, which means they get paid less for their efforts. Hence, if money is not an issue and you need a lighter workload, working part-time may be the right choice.

Online jobs can be great as they do not require one to commute to work, which can be a huge advantage for pregnant women looking for work. This can pay off as a woman advances into the later stages of pregnancy when staying at home would be more recommended.

Compose A Cover Letter And Resume

When applying for an opening, you typically need a resume and cover letter. If candidates know how to write an effective resume, it can greatly improve their odds of getting recruited. It is important when writing a resume and cover letter that individuals follow the right format and maintain an appropriate length. A cover letter is not mandatory but can be submitted if needed.

If the resume is turning out to be too long, consider transferring some of the details over to the cover letter. Write a cover letter if you need to give out important information to recruiters that can’t be mentioned in the resume. Avoid writing a cover letter just for the sake of it merely for a formality. If you do write it, make sure it adds value.

Clear The Interview

If the employer approves of your application along with your cover letter and resume, you may get called up for the interview. An interview is simply a chance for the recruiter to confirm that you’re fit for the opening in person. They want to check you out in person and make sure you live up to what you have stated in your resume and cover letter.

When it comes to an interview, it is important to be assured of oneself and calm. Communicate clearly and respond to their questions confidently and honestly. It helps to go for the interview thoroughly prepared.

It is recommended to go through the company’s website beforehand so you better understand what the organization is about. If possible, candidates can go through some of their social media handles to know what is going on at present in the firm and about any important recent developments in the company.

This will likely help you answer some of the questions put forward by the interviewer. If they see that you know the company well, it will increase their chances of hiring you, as they may perceive you as someone genuinely interested in the company and not just in it for the paycheck.

Be Open And Honest

It is important to be honest and not try to hide anything from the employer. The last thing you want to do is lie about your pregnancy or try to cover it up. The same applies when hunting for felon friendly jobs. If you hide crucial details that are later discovered by the recruiter, it could lead to a loss of trust and a much worse outcome than if you had just been honest and upfront about it from the start.

If it is discovered after you’ve been hired, it may even cause a contract infraction or could even result in a direct termination. A termination never looks good on a CV. It is not the end of the road, but if possible, it is always best avoided. Be honest about information like being pregnant, the stage of pregnancy you are at, if you already have children now, if you need to work from home as the pregnancy advances, etc.


It is important to always try to build connections wherever you go in your line of work, as you never know when they may come in handy later on. In the case of pregnant women, female connections can come in handy. This is because there is a good chance another female connection you know may have gotten pregnant and had to carry on working.

You can find out from them how they managed it. They can give you tips and may even know companies that offer jobs for pregnant women! Having a good network in general, which may comprise both men and women, helps one attract more opportunities and increases their probability of finding pregnant-friendly jobs.

Keep Trying

Being a pregnant woman looking for work is a bit of a unique scenario for a candidate. Finding a workplace willing to accept a pregnant female candidate may require a bit of persistence, but it is more than possible. Rejection is part and parcel of finding work for anyone, and one should not get too demoralized by it. The key is to find a vacancy that matches your abilities and is a good fit for you.

Be prepared for all the concerns that an employer may have when dealing with a pregnant applicant, so you can better convince them of your capabilities. If the candidate can demonstrate to the recruiter that they are a good fit and capable of performing their role well, they have every chance of being hired and securing a good opportunity.

Tips For Working While Pregnant

Let’s say you’ve gotten through the job-seeking phase and are now part of the workforce. In such a case, it is now best to prepare well for how you are going to take on the job and excel in your role in the firm.

Diet And Hydration

Take good care of your nutrition, and be sure to eat healthy. Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of water throughout the day. Take the necessary supplements too, if recommended by a doctor. This will help you maintain your general health, which is important for one to be able to work well in the office.

Lifestyle Choices

Pregnant women need to make good lifestyle choices for the betterment of their health and careers. They should sleep on time and follow a good routine to ensure they function well, which should also help improve the quality of their work. It is also best to avoid consuming substances like drugs or alcohol. Negative habits, like smoking, should also be stopped.

Support System

It always helps if you have others around you for support. It makes you feel like you are not in this alone and can help lift your spirits when you are down. A good support system can comprise family members, spouses, friends, and even supportive co-workers. It especially helps if you have office members in your department or bosses who empathize with you.

Keep Educating Yourself

Pregnant women need to keep learning about their bodies and how to manage this phase better. They should follow the advice of their doctors and read articles from reputed and approved sources on how to manage work and pregnancy effectively. Many of these sources publish information from experts and may prove to be very handy.


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