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25 Touching Farewell Messages and Quotes to Coworkers (with Email Samples)

Explore a variety of farewell messages, quotes, email samples, and additional suggestions to convey your best wishes gracefully to colleagues and managers.
By Synkdup Editorial Team  |  15 February 2024
Farewell Messages to Coworkers

So you are at work, and suddenly you get to know that someone at the office is leaving the company. The person exiting may or may not be close to you. Either way, it is important to acknowledge it and appropriately bid adieu.

Or, on the flip side, you are planning to leave the office. It could be because you’ve retired or have found a new job. If you’ve been at the company for a while, it can be heartbreaking. Regardless, it is important to show gratitude for all that you’ve received.

In the latter case, it is also important to leave properly and, if possible, also give at least a two-week notice when leaving. This is important for both legal reasons and as part of corporate ethics. It is also important to analyze offers from other companies properly before joining.

How To Pass On A Farewell Message?

A farewell message can be given in various ways. Each of the methods has its pros and cons. Giving out farewell wishes does not need to be overthought. It is best to keep it simple and ensure you use an appropriate tone. Some common ways people convey their goodbyes to others include:


It is an easy way for those who are not too creative and do not have too much time to convey their farewell wishes. An important thing to remember is that you can keep the tone a bit informal here. Also, avoid making the message too long or too short. Find an appropriate length. This may vary depending on how well-acquainted you are with the other person.

Send A Card

This is also a popular method when it comes to wishes of any type. Finding a nice card that is visually appealing can also help with the process. The message will have to be a bit brief. You have to get everything across in a concise manner and still find a way to express yourself. If you can do that, then this is the right method for you. You may also send it along with a gift.

Write/Type A Letter

This can be a good option for those who have a lot to say and want to pour their heart out. It is better to type them out and print them rather than have them handwritten. This is because some people may have bad handwriting.

If you do decide to have it handwritten, it is best to use a piece of paper with lines on it rather than a piece of plain white paper to help you write straighter. This can help make your writing more presentable to the readers, too.

Throw A Party

A great way to give a coworker or boss a good send-off is by organizing a party for them either in the office or outside it in an appropriate social setting. You can even ask for their input in planning it out. This will improve their chances of liking the party. It may even make them feel more involved and important for the occasion.


A simple way to say goodbye to someone who is leaving is to do it face to face. Giving out your wishes in a conversation can be the perfect method if you don't have much time to do something fancy. An important tip could be to create a positive vibe during the discussion. Greeting them with a warm smile also helps.

Farewell Message To Coworker Leaving The Company

It can be hard to find the right words to say goodbye to departing colleagues. It is important to word your message well to avoid being misunderstood. Also, be polite and appreciate the company for everything.


If you have a coworker who is leaving the organization and you feel you are going to miss them at work, use some of these messages:

#1. I had a great relationship with you, both professionally and personally. I will miss you greatly, and I hope we can remain buddies despite your leaving the company.

#2. I hope you achieve all that you aspire to in the future. I have learned a lot of new things from you and will be forever grateful for them.

#3. You were a great coworker and an asset to the company. Everyone in the firm will dearly miss you.

#4. You were a wonderful person and a great professional, too. You did your job well and set a good precedent for everyone else. Your influence will be missed. Let’s try and keep in touch.

#5. It was a pleasure working alongside you regularly. We have had some great memories in the past. Feel free to reach out if you ever need anything in the future.

Farewell Message To Coworker When You Leave

On the other hand, if you are the one leaving the company for good, this can also be an emotional moment. It is important to keep a calm head and remain composed. Acknowledge the company and be respectful.


Here are some wishes you can pass on to your co-workers:

#6. I have grown a lot in my career during my time with the organization. I am going to miss it and all of you greatly in the years ahead.

#7. You guys were amazing colleagues. We made a great team, and I will miss you all dearly.

#8. This company taught me a lot about professionalism and working in a high-performance environment. My fellow employees have also aided me in my development. I will forever be grateful to all of you for everything you’ve given me.

#9. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the company. I am especially grateful to all of my colleagues for the amazing experiences I’ve had with them over the years.

#10. I have learned a lot during the time I have spent with the company. Even though I will no longer be a part of the company, the lessons will remain with me. Thank you to all my colleagues for everything.

Farewell Message To Departing Manager

There may be cases when a senior position holder, like a manager or someone else, leaves the company. This may be a bit more of an emotional situation, as often people in such roles have spent multiple years at the firm. Their leaving is bound to have an impact on the company’s functioning to some degree.


Here are a few messages you can give to a boss who is leaving the company:

#11. I am very grateful for everything you’ve given me. I’ve grown a lot, and I wish you continued success in the future.

#12. Thank you for taking me under your wing and helping out so greatly in my development as a professional. I will miss you a lot. I hope we can remain in contact even after your departure.

#13. You were well and truly the backbone of our department. The way you always lead from the front and by example will be difficult to replicate. I wish you well for the future, boss!

#14. You were a visionary leader and a great mentor to many of us in the organization. Your influence will be hard to replace. May you continue to achieve more success and reach great heights in the years that lie ahead.

#15. Over the years, you have made the role your own and have changed the way the company works for the better. I am grateful for the way you have trained me, and I hope can fill your shoes well.

Farewell Quotes For Coworker and Manager

There are a lot of amazing words of wisdom from great minds regarding goodbyes. These can be used for greeting departing managers or colleagues and by an employee who is leaving a company. Utilizing these on social media may be a good idea.


#16. "If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello." - Paulo Coelho

#17. “Remember me and smile, for it's better to forget than to remember me and cry.” - Dr. Seuss

#18. “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” - Helen Keller

#19. “Live your life as if you are ready to say goodbye to it at any moment as if the time left for you were some pleasant surprise.” - Marcus Aurelius

#20. “Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again.” - William Shakespeare

What To Avoid When Giving A Farewell Message?

There are certain things you want to avoid passing on as a farewell message. It is always important to leave on a good note, or if a colleague is leaving, to let them leave with a good send-off.

Avoid being rude or ungrateful when leaving a company. Even if you did not enjoy your time at the company, it is best not to let out negative emotions when leaving. You will be done with the company soon anyway, so it is best to leave on positive terms and not make enemies unnecessarily.

If a colleague with whom you did not get along well is departing, it is best to still wish them well. They are going to be gone soon, so it's best to end things well rather than hold on to grudges. Sometimes you may have a boss who does not treat you well. But you should still try and end things on good terms.

How To Respond To A Farewell Message?

This is also an important part of saying goodbye and all the formalities that come with it. Many people struggle to articulate their emotions and feelings in such a moment. A lot of people simply do not give it much serious thought sometimes.

It is important to show that you are thankful for all that you have received, as well as the learning and growth that you have experienced during your time with the company. Mention that you will miss them all and wish the company well in the future.


Here are a few ways you can respond to farewell messages from others in the company.

#21. Thanks for the warm wishes. I am extremely sad to leave this company and will miss everyone here.

#22. I am very humbled by all the love I have received from all of you over the years. I appreciate all that you guys have given me, and I hope the firm continues to prosper even after my exit.

#23. I greatly respect all the effort you’ve put in to give me this incredible farewell. I will always remember it and the organization for all it has given me.

#24. I sincerely appreciate your kind words and messages. I hope you all do well without me and that the organization continues its upward trajectory in the corporate world.

#25. Your good words and praise for me have touched my heart. I have grown a lot in my career and learned many things about this profession from this firm, which I will always be grateful for. I wish everyone well for the coming years.

Goodbye Email To Coworker And Manager

One of the most common ways to wish someone farewell is by sending an email. Emails can be of varying lengths and tones, depending on how well you know the recipient. Another thing to keep in mind is their designation and whether or not they are your superior, subordinate, or equal in rank.


Here are a few samples of farewell messages being sent through email. Here are a few of them, listed below:

Sample 1 (for a departing colleague):

Dear (Name),

I hope you are fine and well. How’s your work going? I just came to know that you will be leaving the organization. So where are you planning on joining now? When is your last working day?

I consider you an important member of our team and am sad to see you go, but at the same time, I wish you well in your endeavors ahead. You were a good co-worker and a great professional to have around in the company. You had a good work ethic, which everyone appreciated. Someone like you will be greatly missed, both on the work front and for your personality.

Anyhow, I respect your decision and wish you well in the future. I hope you and your family find happiness and adjust well to the move.

(Your Name)

Sample 2 (for a departing manager):

Dear Mr. or Mrs. (Last Name),

I hope to know you are doing well. We’ve all heard of the news about your leaving the company. When will your last working day be? What motivated you to make this decision in your career?

You were a great mentor to me and the others. We have learned a lot under your leadership. You guided this team very well and have played an important role in the success of this organization. Whoever replaces you has big shoes to fill in this company. You were a responsible leader and a great role model for your subordinates. The lessons you have taught us will be embedded in your minds for years to come.

I hope you have a great career ahead and excel in your new organization. You can always reach out to me if you need anything in the future. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you ever need anything in the future.

(Your Name)

Sample 3 (if you are the one leaving the organization):

*Note: Sometimes an employee sends a farewell message by email to several people in the organization at once. The below sample also deals with the same case. The email sample can be tweaked based on your situation too.

Dear all,

I hope everyone is doing fine and happy. I am writing this email today to inform you all that, sadly, I will be leaving this company soon. My last working day will be the 10th of this month. I have decided to make this decision because I feel it will be a step up in my career.

I will greatly miss this company. I’ve learned a lot and grown immensely during my time with the organization. I’m extremely grateful to my bosses, colleagues, subordinates, and everyone around me for all the support and memories they’ve given me. I’ve met some amazing professionals and talented people in my journey with this firm.

I wish the company well after my departure and hope it continues to scale new heights. The company has always set high standards and expects the best from its workers, and I hope my replacement will adapt well. I hope you continue to do well in the years ahead.

(Your Name)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I compose a farewell message for a colleague?

Ans: You can look up suggestions online and also ask others you know for ideas. The message can be long or short, depending on how well you know the person. Include things like how thankful you are, their importance in the company, memories you have with them, etc. Keep things simple, and use a positive tone.

Q: Can I be informal in a goodbye email to colleagues?

Ans: Yes, you can be a bit informal, but at the same time, remember to follow proper etiquette and use an appropriate tone when writing. You can vary a few things depending on how long you’ve worked and how well you know certain co-workers.

Q: What is the best farewell message to a manager?

Ans: The ideal farewell message will vary depending on multiple factors. But in general, you should thank them for all they’ve taught you and the growth you’ve had under them. You can praise the positive attributes that they’ve shown. Remember to wish them well for the future.

Q: What is the best farewell message for a retiring colleague?

Ans: If a senior co-worker is leaving the office and retiring, you can change things up a bit. You can say things that are both work-related like how good they were as professionals, their positive qualities, what you’ve learned from them, etc. You could also say things about life in general, like wishing them good health or happiness for their families, etc.

Q: How do I decide what to write on a farewell card?

Ans: You should keep things brief if you are writing on a card. You can be informal and even a bit casual in your conversation. Write a few things you appreciate about them, thank them for everything they’ve given you, and wish them well for the future. These should be enough. If you have more space left, you can add other details too.


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