Fresher Content Writer Resume With No Experience (Includes Template & Sample)

Discover what you need as a fresher content writer to get your career started. Learn to compose a resume for the same through our templates and samples.


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|  28 February 2024

Fresher Content Writer Resume With No Experience

The internet is loaded with tons of quality written content. But what about the ones responsible for creating it? Coming up with original content in any form is no small feat. This applies to written content as well. Written content can be of different types and variable lengths. Content may also be published in different forms and across different channels.

Many aspiring content writers need help figuring out where to get started when entering this profession. This applies to any line of work out there when an individual has no experience. However, there is no need to panic, as long as you take the right course of action and follow the appropriate steps along the way.

One major step in finding fresher content writer jobs is knowing how to write an effective resume. An authentic and well-written CV can make the job-hunting process a lot easier. As with any official document, knowing the right methods to compose and use them is vital.

Content Writer Job Description

Before drafting a CV for any job opening, it is important to thoroughly examine and understand the job description. Knowing what is expected both from the company and the job title is essential for finding the perfect fit. Content writing is an interesting career path with great scope for advancement in current times.

Research Various Topics

Content writers are required to do research and find out information on various topics that are assigned to them. This research is mainly secondary and typically requires a lot of web surfing to ensure the information presented in the content remains accurate, informative, and up to date.

Understand The Fundamentals Of SEO

A content writer must understand SEO-related terminologies and concepts. They must write content that incorporates them. They must know how to use keywords appropriately to trigger search engine algorithms and boost the page’s ranking on the internet. They must help blogs gain organic traffic to their posts.

Write Engaging Content

This is arguably the most important part of the job. A content writer must be able to create content that appeals to their readers. Another important factor to consider is that content can take different forms. This could be articles, promotional content, social media posts, etc. Hence, being able to excel in this role requires versatility in writing.

Proofreading And Editing

Candidates must be adept at understanding and applying grammar concepts in the assigned language. A content writer needs to be able to optimize the readability and visual appeal of the content through the implementation of appropriate formatting. They must ensure the content is factually correct as well.

This may include rectifying typos in articles, removing unnecessary words, replacing certain words with synonyms to avoid sounding repetitive, etc. They also have to check details and ensure they are correct to provide accurate information to readers.

Able To Work Both Individually And Collectively

Some jobs are primarily individual, while others require a collective effort, but some jobs are a bit of a hybrid between the two. Content writing is among them. The job requires writing, researching, and writing content, which is primarily done alone while also requiring collaboration on certain tasks like promotional content to be able to meet certain standards.

Types Of Resumes

It is important to note that all resumes are not the same. They vary in type, along with their functions and purposes. Hence, job seekers must figure out the benefits and downsides of each to know how to best showcase themselves in front of recruiters.

Reverse Chronological

This type of format focuses on work experience and lists out the jobs held by an individual, starting from the most recent and then going backward from there onward. It is a great option for showcasing your work history. It can help take attention away from the skills section of the resume if you feel you are lacking on that front.

It focuses more on work experience and can be great if you have worked for some reputed companies in the past and want to bring those to the attention of the employer. This format is best for those with a continuous work history without any major gaps in employment throughout their careers.


This format emphasizes an individual’s competencies and accomplishments. It takes attention away from the employment history of the candidate and can be ideal for those with shortcomings in those areas of the resume. It draws more attention to your capabilities than to where you’ve been in the past.

It is a great option for candidates who have had gaps in their work history that they would like to draw attention away from. These gaps could be due to varying reasons and may even include convictions. Individuals applying for felon friendly jobs can make use of this type of CV, as it will take attention away from their criminal history and emphasize their abilities.


As the name suggests, this format is a mixture of the two aforementioned CV types. The format provides a balanced outlook toward all its elements. It is perfect for candidates who do not have any standout aspects and want to showcase a mix of details. It is great for candidates who have held a wide variety of roles and possess a diverse range of capabilities.

If you opt for such a format, it is important to keep it well-organized and informative for the reader. Make sure each section is of an appropriate length and all the details provided connect to create a cohesive document that provides value to the reader.

Tips To Compose A Fresher Content Writer Resume

Knowing how to write the correct resume is a process that varies for each individual. Various elements, like one’s qualifications and experience, along with hard and soft skills, contribute to the final CV that is given out. Keep the following details in mind.

Correct Resume Type

For a fresher composing a CV for any job title, it is highly recommended that they use the skill-based resume format. This is because they do not have much to leverage when it comes to work history. Hence, it is best to emphasize one’s abilities, which show how one can help the company move forward.

Other formats can also be adopted; however, they have their own obvious weaknesses, which could hinder a candidate's chances of being recruited. Skill-based formats of CVs are best suited to fresher candidates and should be adopted when applying for jobs.

Personal Details

Mention basic information like nationality, date of birth/Age, and contact details like phone number, email ID, and address. It also helps if you have a passport-size photo to add to it. Resumes with photos tend to have better response rates than ones without any photos.

Employers need to know a few of these details before they get down to examining your abilities as a content writer. Make sure their formatting is correct and compatible with the rest of the document.

Objective Or Summary?

A lot of beginners feel both the Objective and Summary sections are the same. Both terminologies are often used interchangeably by many laymen out there. However, when examined technically, there is a difference between the two.

A summary is more oriented towards a candidate’s past and aims to highlight their past accomplishments related to the job title they are applying for. It is more suitable for experienced candidates who have held important roles in the past or achieved noteworthy feats in their profession.

The objective section is more future-oriented and illustrates an individual's ambitions and professional goals that they wish to attain moving forward in their careers. This is more suited to freshers, as they are new to the job market and do not have much to boast about by way of achievements in the workplace.

A candidate with no experience should opt for the objective section in their CV, as they are just starting in their careers. Their best hope of convincing the recruiter to hire them would be their high aspirations for the future and how they connect with the job description.

A fresher content writer should mention information like wanting to write quality content for reputed companies and websites in the future, along with a willingness to learn on the job to expand their skill sets.

Skills Section Of Resume

This section is very important in this type of CV format. It is considered by most to be the core element of a resume. It is important to tailor this aspect of the CV to fit the job description while also ensuring its contents remain authentic.

One common mistake a lot of candidates make is listing too many or too few skills in this section. Ideally, freshers should list between 5-10 skills in this section of the resume, while candidates who are a bit more experienced can list between 10-15 skills here.

Another basic error that a lot of candidates make is writing down irrelevant skills. It is important to consider the requirements of the job description when writing this part of the CV. If you have skills that are related to your educational qualifications, they may be mentioned here too.

For a content writer, skills like creative writing, the ability to proofread well, researching important topics, etc. can be listed here as technical skills, as these are essential to performing the job. For soft skills, attributes like time management are important as articles need to be finished by certain deadlines. Teamwork may also be listed as a soft skill, as there are often multiple content writers in a company.

Emphasize Your Academic Accomplishments

Freshers are going to fall short on the work experience front. To compensate for this, a candidate must use other points to convince the recruiter when writing a CV. One such aspect that they can use is their education.

Mention any coursework you have done that is relevant to the job description. This will help push your case as a good fit for the job in question. For example, if you are applying for an English content writer position and have studied English in school or college, that is worth highlighting in your CV.

If you have good grades, it helps to list them on your CV. Being a good student requires qualities like work ethic, discipline, dedication, etc., which are easily transferable to the workplace too. If you have attained any academic honors, it helps to mention those too. If, during your college years, you have completed any important projects that taught you skills related to the job you are applying for, do mention them. If there are multiple such projects, then even better.

Certifications and online courses that are connected to the role should be mentioned. This shows one has a willingness to learn even outside of school. Such individuals are also more likely to be receptive to on-the-job learning, which is crucial to the development of any professional.

Relevant Extracurricular Activities And Experience

Constructive activities outside of studies are also very important to the development of each individual. They can teach us both technical and soft skills too. These can include volunteering, participation in cultural clubs, or other such activities within or outside of school or college. These activities teach us how to collaborate with others in an attempt to achieve common objectives.

For example, let’s assume a candidate was part of the Literary Club during their college days. It would have improved their technical skills, like competency in the language, and improvement in both written and spoken communication, along with soft skills like confidence, teamwork, social skills, etc.

Length Of A Resume

A resume should typically be about 1-2 pages long for freshers; for experienced candidates, it can go up to 2-3 pages. It is important to ensure the length is appropriate to maximize its appeal and readability. A CV that is excessive in length can reduce one’s chances of being hired.

If you feel it is too long, writing a cover letter and transferring some of the information there would be a good idea. A cover letter is not mandatory but can help your case if written well and used appropriately. Like resumes, a cover letter should also remain of an appropriate length to ensure it retains its appeal.

Use Paragraphs And Bullet Points Appropriately

It is important to know when to use paragraphs when drafting a CV and when to use bullet points. Errors in this can make one look unprofessional and unqualified for the job market. Hence, it is important to do one’s homework here before writing the document.

Sections like the Objective should be written in a short paragraph, preferably 3-4 lines, while the skills section of a resume should be listed in bullet points. Following these guidelines helps improve the visual presentation of the document.

List References If You Have Any

A reference is someone who the employer can contact if they wish to further examine your credibility. A good reference is someone you know will vouch for you and put in a good word to the recruiter about you. This can be a former boss or one of your college professors.

One should also ensure they do not list too many or too few references in their CV. The right number is going to vary based on one’s experience. For candidates with no experience, 1-2 references should be enough. For more senior and experienced applicants, they can mention 3-4 references. One should avoid giving out more than 5 references in their resume.

For a fresher content writer, it would be best to list one of your college professors for a relevant subject with whom you are on good terms. If the candidate has completed any internships, they can list the name of their manager during that period. If you have volunteered and written for any website or publication and left a good impression on any of the seniors there, you can use them in your references too.

Template For A Content Writer Resume With No Experience

It is important to have the right template in mind when composing a CV. Having a template gives us a proper sequence based on which we can structure our writing. It helps make the document more engaging for the reader. Here is a template below.

(Passport Size Photo [Optional])
(Your Name)
(Contact Number)
(Email ID)


Write in paragraph form about your goals and how they connect to the job you are applying for. (2-4 lines).


List out the skills you possess in bullet points.

  • Skill 1
  • Skill 2
  • Skill 3
  • Skill 4

Work Experience (If any):

(Job Title)
(Company Name)
(City, Country)
(Starting Date - Last Working Date)


(School Name)
(Qualification Obtained)
(Graduation Year)

(College Name)
(Graduation Year)

Additional Information:

List out any unique competencies or achievements. These skills include knowing a foreign language, having published poetry, running an online blog, volunteering, etc.


(Company Name)
(City, Country)
(Contact Number)
(Email ID)
(Description - 1 line)

Fresher Content Writer Resume Samples

To make the process clearer, let’s view a hypothetical example.

*Note: The name, address, phone number, and other details are fictional. Any similarities to a real person are unintentional.

Nicole Martial
New Lloyd’s Street, New York, USA


I am an aspiring content writer who is highly motivated to excel in my profession. Looking to kickstart my career at an organization that matches my goals and will provide a good platform for me to showcase my abilities. I have ambitions of writing for top companies and websites while also rising the corporate ladder to higher ranks in top companies.


  • Competent at operating MS Office Programs
  • Good Verbal And Written Communication
  • Basic Understanding Of SEO Practices And Terminologies
  • Excel at Creative Writing
  • Capable of editing And proofreading

Work Experience (If any):

Content Writing Intern
Company XYZ Inc.
Miami, Florida, USA
(1st June, 2023 - 31st November, 2024)


Maryland High School, New Jersey
GPA: 3.1

University of Texas, Huoston
Bachelor's Degree In English
GPA: 2.8

Additional Information:

  • Operated An Independent Blog On Medium
  • Have published poetry in magazines
  • Volunteered as a writer for a blog in a Non-Profit Organization


James Coleman
College Professor
University Of Texas,
Houston, USA
He taught me and graded several of my assignments in college.

Michael Goldsmith
Senior Content Writer
Company XYZ Inc.
Miami, Florida, USA
He supervised my work in the company and acted as a mentor.

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