10 Best Paying Jobs For 17 Year Olds

Explore the top 10 highest-paying job opportunities tailored for 17-year-olds. From part-time gigs to online ways, discover lucrative options for young earners


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|  23 February 2024

Jobs for 17 Year Olds

Being a teenager is an interesting phase of life. One goes through a lot of turbulence, both physically and emotionally. They learn many tough lessons along the way that help them mature and grow into adults. They have more academic stress and other responsibilities that they need to handle. Some begin working at this age too!

While the government does allow all individuals over the age of 14 to work and earn, there are hourly restrictions on minors below 16. As for minors aged 16 and above, they have no hourly restrictions. However, they must not be employed in any job with a hazardous work environment that may be detrimental to their health.

17-year-olds may also have to balance academics from their final year of high school, figuring out what college they want admission to next year along with their work. Keeping these details in mind, teenagers have every chance of entering the workforce if they prove their merit and find the right fit for them.

Benefits Of Jobs For 17 Year Olds

Teenagers can greatly benefit from working. Kickstarting their professional lives at an early stage has numerous benefits and will help greatly in the long run. The burden of managing schooling and work may seem daunting to many, but if done right, it can yield great rewards.

Extra Income

Most teenagers do not have any source of income and are only studying. They have to rely on their parents for money. By working at this age, you can set yourself apart and better handle your expenses. You can even treat it as pocket money and spend it on leisure activities. It also teaches them money management, which will be useful later on.

Some teenagers are forced to enter the workforce early and start earning. They may be from a financially struggling background. Hence, family circumstances lead them to join the workforce and support their household. They can provide valuable help to their families and improve their standard of living.

Maturity And Independence

Working and earning gives one a sense of self-worth and help them develop as individuals. It makes one mature more quickly as they learn from the hard knocks of life. They also learn to make their own decisions in life and grow in responsibility.

They tend to become far wiser over time than their peers, who start working later on. It helps them develop attributes such as discipline and work ethic, which help them as they grow. Individuals also grow in self-esteem and learn to make their own decisions.

Head Start In The Job Market

Entering the job market at an early age allows them to acquire work experience while their peers are still studying. Hence, by the time their peers begin working as freshers, these individuals will be experienced workers. Individuals who start working as teenagers get to acquire various hard and soft skills while on the job, which can build their resume.

Types Of Jobs For 17 Year Olds

Apart from the typical full-time work-from-office jobs, multiple other alternatives may suit teenage workers. Full-time jobs are hard for teenagers to undertake, as many have academic commitments to attend to. However, exploring alternate options can help them massively find a way to enter the job market and begin their careers.

Part Time Jobs

A part-time job has lower working hours compared to its full-time counterpart. It also has fewer responsibilities but also less scope for advancement and salaries. They are ideal for individuals who have other commitments and cannot manage a full-time job.

Understanding the difference between full-time hours and part-time hours is important in the job market. It is crucial to know the difference when looking for a job. Some good part-time jobs for 17 year olds include freelance copywriters, restaurant servers, cashiers, etc.

Online Jobs

Jobs that do not require one to be physically present in the office are great for high school students interested in working. It saves time, energy, and money because they do not need to commute to work and can perform tasks from the comfort of their homes. Some online jobs offer flexible work schedules too. Examples of online jobs include content writer, audio editor, blogger, etc.

Self-Employed Jobs

A self-employed individual does not work under an employer but rather finds work for themselves or may have their own business. This is another option that teens can utilize, as it offers them flexibility in their work schedules. Some jobs even allow them to take up assignments as per their convenience.

10 Best Jobs That Hire at 17

There are multiple jobs out there that pay well for teenagers. If you possess the requisite abilities, you have every chance of securing these jobs. Age will likely not be held against the candidate, and they may even be able to secure some of them with no experience.

1. Game Testers

National Average Salary: $32/hour (Source: Glassdoor)

How To Become?: A game tester is not required to complete their high school education to practice, but in certain cases, they may need a license to work with top-notch companies. There are also numerous websites out there that pay for gaming reviews. E-sports and gaming are on the rise, so there is great scope for advancement in this line of work.

What They Do?: They need to be good communicators to explain their perspective on the games and to understand the requirements of game developers. Good written communication helps too if they have to write out reviews. They help provide feedback to improve games before they are finally ready to hit the market.

Why is this ideal for 17-Year-Olds?: Gaming is a hobby for many teens, so turning it into a career can bring immense job satisfaction.

2. SynkdUp Headhunter

National Average Salary: Depends Upon Performance (Source: SynkdUp)

How To Become?: You do not need any educational qualifications whatsoever to take on this role. It helps if you have a good social media following that you know how to leverage. It has good scope for advancement as the recruitment marketing industry is growing. It can be a great side hustle for teenagers, too.

What They Do?: They primarily have to share jobs either online through their social media accounts or by sticking flyers in places where they are likely to find relevant job seekers. The company offers a commission-based model where they can earn up to $25 for each successful application. It is also immensely satisfying on a human level, as you help improve people’s lives by helping them find jobs. It is great for society, too.

Why is this ideal for 17-Year-Olds?: One can work whenever they want and is not answerable to any bosses. It can easily be balanced with academics and other tasks.

3. Video Editor

National Average Salary: $29/hour (Source: Glassdoor)

How To Become?: It does not require a high school diploma to be employed, and one can even learn the necessary skills by themselves. There are even multiple online courses available for one to educate oneself on the subject. There has been a growing demand for them owing to the rise of technology in this era. They have great scope in the media and entertainment industries.

What They Do?: They must use digital tools to perform tasks like compiling various video clips, adding effects, graphics, etc. They often have specialized software for these purposes. They essentially transform raw footage and clips into the finished product. A good level of discipline and punctuality is needed to meet deadlines.

Why is this ideal for 17-Year-Olds?: It is a fun job that suits teens with an interest in filmmaking and media. It can be great to start a career in these fields.

4. Tech Support

National Average Salary: $25/hour (Source: Glassdoor)

How To Become?: Tech support roles do not require applicants to be high school graduates. Candidates do need to prove they possess good knowledge of computer systems and can deal with technology-related issues. They often work in call centers or retail locations. Many organizations even offer paid training to help prepare them for the role.

What They Do?: They must assist clients with tasks like removing viruses, fixing internet issues, resolving problems with certain computer programs or software, etc. They must also possess good customer service abilities and be able to interpret issues well to be able to resolve them promptly. It also has part-time and online options for work.

Why is this ideal for 17-Year-Olds?: A lot of teens these days are into technology and computer systems. This passion can easily be converted into a rewarding career with great scope for growth.

5. Tour Guide

National Average Salary: $22/hour (Source: Glassdoor)

How To Become?: Tour guides do not need formal education to qualify for the role. Some companies even hire teenagers for these roles. One must possess good knowledge of the city and the important places around them. It helps if the candidates have good people skills, as the job involves a good deal of social interaction.

What They Do?: A tour guide must be responsible and able to connect well with the tourists. They need a bit of leadership skills, especially when dealing with a greater number of tourists, to ensure it goes smoothly and no one is left behind. Good communication is a must, as they have to tell tourists about places and respond to their queries too.

Why is this ideal for 17-Year-Olds?: It gives them opportunities to meet new people and have exciting experiences, which many teenagers love.

6. Data Entry

National Average Salary: $20/hour (Source: Glassdoor)

How To Become?: Data entry roles do not require formal education. Many companies are willing to hire teens for these openings. Candidates need basic computer skills and know how to operate certain programs well. Good numerical aptitude and mathematical abilities are always a plus.

What They Do?: A data analyst is entrusted with handling client information. They must ensure they maintain records well and that the data is entered accurately. Transfer of information from one program to another or entering written information into computer databases are all part of the job description. Remote jobs for 17 year olds also exist in this profession.

Why is this ideal for 17-Year-Olds?: It is easy to execute and does not require too much thinking. It also pays a decent amount for 17-year-olds and has part-time options.

7. Restaurant Server

National Average Salary: $19/hour (Source: Glassdoor)

How To Become?: The job requires no formal education, and most of the necessary skills can be learned on the job. This makes it suitable for high school students. It is a good option for those who desire to specialize in the hospitality industry.

What They Do?: Their duties typically include taking food orders from customers, delivering food to their tables, cleaning tables and chairs, etc. Collecting payments is also a task they are entrusted with, so they must be honest and handle money responsibly.

Why is this ideal for 17-Year-Olds?: It is great for adolescents who are foodies. It is not too hard to execute, offers decent pay, and jobs can be found locally in many places.

8. Bakery Assistant

National Average Salary: $18/hour (Source: Glassdoor)

How To Become?: There is no formal education required to work as a bakery assistant. You will most likely need to attend and clear a bakery apprenticeship before starting a job. You need to have a good knowledge of ingredients and cooking practices.

What They Do?: They must be able to communicate well to coordinate with the rest of the baking staff. They must be punctual and disciplined to fill orders on time and ensure customer satisfaction. They must understand hygiene and cleanliness to ensure a healthy kitchen environment in which to conduct their work.

Why is this ideal for 17-year-olds?: A lot of 17-year-olds enjoy cooking, making it a great option for such individuals to learn and grow while earning too.

9. Kennel Assistant

National Average Salary: $18/hour (Source: Glassdoor)

How To Become?: They are good jobs for teens as they do not have any formal education requirements. Most of the qualities needed to perform this role can be learned on the job. It is a good option for animal lovers or those who are fond of pets. Kennel assistants are typically employed by veterinary clinics or animal shelters.

What They Do?: They must care for animals present there like cats or dogs. They have responsibilities like taking them for walks, grooming them, feeding them, etc. You will likely have to interact with guests who visit these places and provide help if needed. Hence, good people skills come in handy too.

Why is this ideal for 17-year-olds?: Many teens are interested in having pets but can’t. This job is perfect for them, as they get to be around animals and are paid to do so too.

10. Delivery Driver

National Average Salary: $17/hour (Source: Glassdoor)

How To Become?: Holding a high school diploma is not mandatory for this job. One will require a relevant driving license according to the vehicle assigned to them. In the United States, one has to be a minimum of 16 years of age to acquire a driver’s license. Hence, they can be considered jobs for 17 year olds. Several vendors out there are seeking candidates for these roles.

What They Do?: They mainly transport goods from the inventory to the customer using a designated vehicle. They must know how to handle items with care and deliver them on time. They even have part-time options as well as flexible scheduling in some companies. Delivery drivers must abide by traffic regulations and maintain a clean driving record.

Why is this ideal for 17-Year-Olds?: Great excuse to convince your parents to let you get that driver’s license. A lot of adolescents have the urge to drive around town, so why not get paid to do it?

How Do You Get Jobs at 17?

Finding a new job can intimidate even seasonal professionals, so one can only imagine what goes through the minds of a teen in this scenario. The key thing is to remain calm and focus on finding the right match. One should not just look at money but also other factors when hunting for a job. With the right mindset and approach, things get simpler.

Figure Out What Role Suits You

It is important to reflect deeply on one’s strengths and weaknesses while also thoroughly examining job descriptions to find roles that suit them. Simply taking any job one finds may seem good in the short term, but it limits options for growth and progress in the long term if it does not suit one’s capabilities.

Find Out The Application Process

The next step is researching the procedures for applying. This will vary by company, so it is important to adapt to whatever may be thrown your way. The hiring policies of some companies pay more attention to what they can offer and their interview than to the quality of their resume. Others also require you to fill out an application form, either in person or online. It is important to know these details beforehand.

Write Up A Resume And A Cover Letter

This is an important step when looking for a job. Understanding how to write an effective resume can help boost your odds of being recruited. The key is to get the format and length right. Apart from this, candidates need to highlight their abilities well to appeal to the employer.

Ideally, a teen’s resume should be no longer than 2 pages. If you feel you are exceeding that mark, write a cover letter and consider transferring the excess information over there. Cover letters are not mandatory, but if you have a lot of information to add, using them would be recommended.


Building up work-related connections with people can be immensely beneficial in helping you advance in your career. One can pick up many helpful things from them, and vice versa. If you are also a student, there may be other students in your school who have side hustles or jobs. You can get in touch with them and ask them how they did it and if there are any openings they know you can fill.

Do Well In The Job Interview

If you follow the above steps well, you should eventually land yourself a job interview. Its main purpose is to check if you live up to what you’ve stated on your resume and cover letter. It gives them a chance to examine your abilities and personality in person. It is a pretty and inevitable step in the hiring process in modern times.

It is important not to be intimidated and to keep a calm frame of mind. Communicate clearly and understand the requirements of the interviewer well. Stay composed and be well prepared beforehand. If the organization has a website, then it is preferable to go through it and its social media handles to get an idea of its current scenario and its general ideals.

Remain Persistent

It is important not to give up if you get rejected a few times or do not hear back after applying to a few places. This is an inevitable aspect of job hunting, particularly for those who are freshers in the job market. It happens to most candidates without experience when they are searching for their first-ever job and do not have experience. The key is to keep at it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are good jobs for 17 year olds?

Ans: Good jobs for 17 year olds are those that do not require a high school diploma and can be learned on the job. Some of these include jobs like a game tester, restaurant server, data entry, etc. Also, part-time jobs or ones with flexible schedules are good options.

Q: What jobs pay weekly for 17 year olds?

Ans: Weekly paying jobs for 17 year olds include roles such as personal shopper, delivery drivers, online tutors, etc. It is important to know that these jobs have weekly pay options but can be paid monthly if preferred by the employer. Hence, it is best to check with the recruiter before joining.

Q: Are there any online jobs for 17 year olds?

Ans: Yes, jobs like data entry, YouTuber, influencer, online tutor, content writer, etc. have options for online work and can even be done remotely.

Q: What are good summer jobs for 17 year olds?

Ans: Summer jobs that can be performed by teenagers include retail associates, theater attendants, amusement park workers, etc. One should look for industries that have high seasonal demand during the summer months.

Q: What jobs pay $15 an hour for 17 year olds?

Ans: Jobs like game tester, content writer, video editor, etc. pay well, and teenagers can earn good money in these professions provided they have the skills to excel.

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