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40 High-Paying Summer Jobs For Teens

Explore a comprehensive guide to summer jobs for teens, uncovering the best high-paying positions with available salaries and strategies for securing them.
By Synkdup Editorial Team  |  21 March 2024
Summer Jobs For Teens

Summer break is a great time for teenagers. Kids can relax and take a break from school or college. Some teens, however, like to keep themselves busy and find work. This may be out of necessity or, at times, even by choice. Irrespective of their motives, the trend of teens joining the workforce looks like it is here to stay.

The emergence of work-from-home options along with part-time roles has been great for the job market. Both have made it easier to integrate teenagers into the workplace. Apart from teenagers, even regular adults have benefited from their rise.

Apart from online and part-time summer jobs for teens, there are several regular jobs out there too that they can pursue. Many places are open to accepting teen candidates to work for them. It is great as it provides a good initiative for youth in the community.

Benefits Of Summer Jobs For Teens

Working during the summer has a lot of advantages for teenagers. It is certainly a lot better than lolling around doing nothing, which is the case with most high school and college students. Summer-long occupations can add great value to a teen’s development in many ways.

Income Source

Doing a job can provide a means for teenagers to earn. This can be great as it teaches them how to manage money responsibly at an early age. This will come in handy as they grow older and have bigger amounts to manage.

Some teenagers may come from poor backgrounds and may need to join the workforce early to help support their families. For others, the income gained can act as a source of pocket money, which can be spent on leisure activities.

Some of the older teenagers who are 18 or 19 years of age may have started college and could be living apart from their families. They may not have relatives nearby and might need an occupation to help meet their expenses.

Acquiring New Skills

Working in pretty much any role can be a great opportunity to develop various hard and soft skills that can help them in their careers. The lessons learned can benefit them greatly once they finish their schooling and have to start working as adults. Some of the things they learn can even be added to the skills section of their resume.

Maturity And Personal Growth

Getting a good occupation and earning money at such an early stage in life can help instill a sense of responsibility in the individual and help them mature quickly. It exposes them to the real world and teaches them how to pick themselves up from the hard knocks of life. It also keeps them busy and away from negative habits and activities.

Part-Time Summer Jobs For Teens

A part-time job is one that typically has fewer working hours than a full-time role. Usually, individuals working less than 30 hours a week are said to be working part-time. These workers are understandably paid less too, owing to the fewer work hours they accumulate.

Working part-time provides greater flexibility to one’s schedule and allows teenagers more free time for other activities like studying, socializing with friends, spending time with families, etc. They can even be balanced with college or high school.

In the United States, individuals aged 14 and 15 have hourly restrictions on their work and can not work full-time. In such cases, part-time work is the only option they have. There are certain restrictions on the types of work environments they can be employed in as well.

Online Summer Jobs For Teens

A major contributor to it has been the rise of work-from-home options. This is, in large part, due to the evolution of technology and the influence of COVID-19 and its aftermath. Most individuals use the internet and technology for leisure, but others know that they have massive potential for learning and growth.

Individuals also need not commute to work; this saves time and money. Online jobs can even be remote, with the company being in another city, state, or even country. Flexible work schedules are common in such occupations. An internet connection and a computer system at home are a must for such roles. Candidates with good computer skills can consider them.

During the summer, it can get pretty hot during the day, making work from office jobs in certain workplaces a bit difficult, even for adults, let alone teens. Hence, a work-from-home role can be more suitable during this kind of weather.

High Paying Summer Jobs For Teens

Do not think that just because you are a teenager and you are working a mere summer job, you can’t make a good buck. There are plenty of roles out there that do not require formal education but can still be undertaken, provided the applicant proves they’ve got the skill.

1. Sales Representative

National Average Salary: $44 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

Their main role is to help sell goods assigned to them by the company. It does not require formal education to perform, which makes it suitable for teenagers. The occupation requires good communication and knowledge of the products and services offered by the firm. A sales representative needs to know the industry well too. Applicants must provide top-notch customer service and be able to understand customer’s needs.

2. Voice-Over Artist

National Average Salary: $35 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

A voice-over artist typically operates as a freelancer and provides audio input during the production of projects and assignments like educational videos, promotional material, audiobooks, advertisements, etc. It is great for individuals with a creative side and great spoken communication. It requires no educational qualifications, making it convenient for teenagers to apply.

3. SynkdUp Headhunter

National Average Salary: Depends Upon Performance (Source: SynkdUp)

The headhunter is an important emerging role in the recruitment market industry. They essentially act as middlemen between recruiters and job seekers to help create perfect matches. SynkdUp has its own headhunter program called the ‘SynkdUp Headhunter Program’.

It works as a commission-based model where one can earn up to $25 per successful application. It can be done online and is great for adolescents. They can share jobs through social media or post fliers in relevant places and earn.

4. Video Game Tester

National Average Salary: $33 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

It is a great option when it comes to summer jobs for teens. Many teenagers are quite into gaming. So imagine being paid to play them and providing your feedback to help make it better. Turning your passion into your work can lead to immense job satisfaction. Game testers also identify errors and glitches. The role does not require any formal education, either.

5. Content Writer

National Average Salary: $32 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

Applicants interested in this occupation must possess good written communication skills, along with an understanding of grammar concepts and text formatting. They must be capable of researching assigned topics well before writing about them. A content writer is responsible for composing different types of written content.

It does not require educated applicants, but the candidate must prove their abilities to the employer before being hired. Hence, teenagers can apply for such vacancies. Content writers can operate on a work-from-home basis too.

6. Fitness Instructor

National Average Salary: $32 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

It is a great position for teenagers, as a lot of young people these days are passionate about fitness and health. Applicants must be at least high school graduates and possess the necessary fitness-related certifications. Hence, this is more for individuals who are aged 17 or older. They must possess extensive knowledge of how to perform exercises safely and effectively. They must also monitor clients to ensure they work out correctly and make progress.

7. Digital Marketer

National Average Salary: $30 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

The role involves promoting products and services online. For this, individuals must first thoroughly understand the product or service they are marketing. They must learn skills related to SEO practices, content creation, social media, etc. Digital marketers also need a basic understanding of statistics to interpret relevant information. It can be done without formal education and be performed remotely as well. Both of these suit teenagers.

8. Photographer

National Average Salary: $28 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

The job title has no strict educational requirements. However, a relevant certificate can help but is not mandatory. The most important elements for success are practice, creativity, attention to detail, etc. They can be of various types, like nature photographers, event photographers, etc. Some consider them to be visual storytellers. It is good for teenagers, as a lot of them like clicking photos. So why not learn more about the craft and get paid for it on top of that?

9. Video Editor

National Average Salary: $28 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

Individuals employed in this role perform all the behind-the-scenes functions involved in producing finished and ready-to-use video files. They process raw clips and other such files, compiling and editing them. Video editors need to ensure they produce high-quality content that is both appealing and cohesive, along with adding effects, transitions, etc.

Candidates must know how to operate relevant software and other digital tools. Teenagers can apply, as educational qualifications are not required to perform this role, as long as they can showcase their competency before the recruiters. There is scope for advancement in this profession when it comes to industries like entertainment and media.

10. Influencer

National Average Salary: $28 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

An influencer’s main role is to persuade people towards a cause or products and services. It does not require much formal education. All candidates need to do is utilize their following, mainly through social media, to attract people to buy products and promote certain marketing campaigns. It requires creativity and expression to perform. A lot of teens love spending time on social media, so why not earn from it?

11. Proofreader

National Average Salary: $27 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

It is a great role for applicants with written communication skills in the assigned language. They need to have a great grasp of the grammar and formatting concepts in the language. They must be able to see things from the reader’s perspective to make the written material more appealing.

Proofreaders must excel at content optimization techniques to help improve readability. The occupation does not require a high diploma to be pursued, provided the applicant can prove their capabilities to the employer. It has several remote work options, too.

12. Virtual Assistant

National Average Salary: $27 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

It is one of the best online summer jobs for teens. The role does not require formal education to perform, and candidates can land the position if they can prove themselves to the recruiters. It is a work-from-home role that requires employees to perform a wide variety of administrative duties.

Some common tasks they may perform include making travel arrangements, handling emails, scheduling appointments, making phone calls, etc. It is also a good option if you are looking for jobs that pay weekly as a lot of companies offer such options in this role.

13. Graphic Designer

National Average Salary: $27 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

It is a great role for teenagers who are tech-savvy and have a good aptitude for creativity. Applicants do not need a degree or even a high school diploma for the role, provided they can prove they are capable to the recruiter. A relevant certificate can help their case, but it is not a must. They can work from home or on a freelance basis, which makes them more suited to adolescents.

Generally, they are responsible for creating appealing images, which may also be combined with written text. Graphic designers also create promotional material and other types of content that are primarily visual. An artistic mind and good knowledge of computer systems, along with related software, are needed.

14. Tour Guides

National Average Salary: $27 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

It is a great occupation for individuals without any educational qualifications. Tour guides need good knowledge of the city they live in and know the routes well. It requires a good deal of responsibility, as they must ensure no one gets left behind or lost. They need good communication and a bit of leadership as well. It can be fun, as you meet many new people and learn about different cultures.

15. Golf Caddy

National Average Salary: $26 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

Sports enthusiasts or golf lovers will love this position. For them, it can be a great way to live out their passion and earn money at the same time. They do not need any formal education, but they do require good knowledge about the game. Applicants need to know the use of various and other items to better assist golfers.

16. Tutor

National Average Salary: $25 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

For individuals who are passionate about educating others and are good at certain subjects, this is a summer job to pursue. To be a tutor, candidates typically need to be at least high school graduates. It is a good choice for older teens and requires good communication along with the ability to understand the needs of the student. Helping out other students can be satisfying on a human level too.

17. Hair Salon Assistant

National Average Salary: $25 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

A lot of teens have a fascination with hairstyles. While it is true that candidates must be certified to be hairstylists, they can become hair salon assistants with a mere high school diploma. These individuals offer help with salon duties like assisting with shampoo, rinsing, and drying.

They may be required to perform certain minor functions, like coloring hair. Other important tasks they may have to do include operating the cash register, greeting customers, sweeping floors, scheduling appointments, etc.

18. Administrative Assistant

National Average Salary: $24 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

Companies generally look for candidates at least high school graduates to perform such roles. They are involved in several diverse tasks that contribute to the functioning of the office. Some of their duties involve directing communication, organizing and scheduling events, making phone calls, responding to emails, making travel arrangements, etc.

19. Bookkeeper

National Average Salary: $24 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

This is a great position for teens who are good with numbers. Applicants must have good knowledge of accounting fundamentals and be capable of maintaining records along with daily financial entries. It has work-from-home options too and is one of the best online summer jobs for teens. The role does not require any educational qualifications, provided one convinces the recruiter of their abilities.

20. General Transcriptionist

National Average Salary: $24 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

It is a role that does not require even a high school diploma. This makes it a good choice for high school students. They must convert video and audio recordings into written form. It demands active listening and good written communication. Transcriptionists need to understand the demands of the client, adding formatting and notations accordingly to their text. Candidates need to be punctual, complete assignments on time, and offer quality.

21. Data Entry Operator

National Average Salary: $24 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

Typically, employers look for high school graduates when attempting to fill these roles. Competency with computer systems is needed, while knowledge of digital tools and software helps. They need to prepare, compile, and sort files for data entry. They are also responsible for the verification and accuracy of the data used. The role is a bit repetitive but requires one to remain focused. This job can also be done on a work-from-home basis.

22. Restaurant Server

National Average Salary: $22 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

High school students can apply here, as it does not require any educational qualifications as long as one can exhibit their worth before the employer. They greet and interact with customers, prepare tables, present menus, answer any queries they have, etc. They may also have to take and serve orders, along with taking customer feedback. Restaurant servers also coordinate with other workers performing various other functions.

23. Delivery Driver

National Average Salary: $22 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

This is one for slightly older teens, as it requires a driving license to perform. Typically, in most American states, the minimum age for obtaining a driver’s license is 16, and in some, it is 18. The role also does not require any educational qualifications, making it more convenient for teenagers to apply. Individuals employed in these roles need to be punctual to ensure timely delivery of products and must also handle goods with care.

24. Medical Assistant

National Average Salary: $22 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

A lot of people think that you need to be highly educated to be part of the medical industry. While this may be true for certain posts, there are good entry-level jobs that can be pursued with a mere high school diploma. A medical assistant is one of them. Some organizations also demand additional certifications, while others do not and provide on-the-job training as well.

Their duties involve interviewing patients and recording their basic medical details, scheduling and organizing appointments, and updating and filing insurance reports and medical records, etc. They also assist with medical examinations, along with preparing and cleaning medical instruments and treatment rooms.

25. Library Assistant

National Average Salary: $21 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

It is a good choice for adolescents who are book lovers. A library assistant performs a variety of tasks that help keep a library in order. These include organizing materials, assisting patrons, maintaining order, shelving books, etc. It does not have formal education requirements, and most duties can be learned on the job, making it suitable for adolescents. It is also convenient for those who prefer a quiet work environment.

26. Retail Sales Associate

National Average Salary: $20 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

Most roles in retail require applicants to be at least 16 years of age. The job involves serving customers and helping them pick out products they like. One must also know the products well to be able to provide answers to any queries put forth by customers. Good customer service and communication help greatly in this role.

27. Lifeguard

National Average Salary: $20 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

Interested individuals need to be competent at swimming and know a bit of basic first aid. Candidates without educational qualifications can also apply for the role. Such openings can typically be found at places with public or private pools, beaches, lakes, etc. Applicants must have good physical conditioning and pass a swimming skills test. They also need to obtain an American Red Cross Lifeguard and Water Safety certificate.

28. Customer Service Representative

National Average Salary: $20 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

These are usually the ones customers speak to when they face any issues with a product or service. Individuals working in this position need a calm temperament, as they will deal with many unhappy customers daily, along with good communication skills. They must know the products and services well, as only then will they be able to provide appropriate guidance. One can land this role without any formal education, provided they can exhibit their abilities well to the recruiter. Hence, a teenager has a chance of getting a job here.

29. Ice Cream Scooper

National Average Salary: $20 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

The role requires individuals to perform a variety of roles. Most of these can be learned on the job. Applicants do not need to be high school graduates to apply for the position, making them good summer jobs for teens. Ice cream scoopers must know the ingredients of all the flavors and provide timely service to customers. They may even be required to process transactions or maintain the cleanliness of assigned areas.

30. Grocery Stocker

National Average Salary: $19 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

It is great for those who are not high school graduates yet, as most of its duties can be learned on the job. Being a grocery stocker is a hands-on role that also requires careful handling of materials. They must organize products well, receive and unload goods from trucks, assist customers, and offer them product-related information.

31. Warehouse Worker

National Average Salary: $19 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

Many companies involved in warehousing have seasonal openings during certain months of the year. This is usually due to a seasonal boom in certain industries. Most roles involved in warehousing do not require formal education, while a few require high school graduates. It is a bit of an umbrella term, covering a variety of roles. Teenagers interested in applying need to be healthy and capable of physical exertion for some roles.

32. Barista

National Average Salary: $19 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

Also referred to as a coffee bar attendant, a barista prepares and serves coffee and other beverages to customers in the coffee house. It is a role that will require a bit of teamwork and coordination, as there will usually be multiple such roles in coffee houses. They need to be able to work quickly and efficiently to provide timely service.

They need to possess a thorough knowledge of the menu, ingredients, preparation processes, etc. to be able to answer customer queries. Baristas must also maintain the cleanliness of assigned areas and comply with health and safety regulations. Good communication and customer service abilities are needed for this position.

33. Personal Shopper

National Average Salary: $19 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

A personal shopper helps clients improve the quality of their purchases. They usually work at department stores or warehouses, but may even operate on a freelance basis too. They also need to deal with customer complaints and respond promptly to them. This may require a cool head, as some clients can be rude. Candidates do not need any formal education to apply for the role. Hence, it is convenient for teenagers.

34. Busser

National Average Salary: $18 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

Their primary function is to help provide a clean and healthy dining experience. Their duties involve cleaning, sanitizing, and resetting tables. They also monitor and ensure enough items like plates, napkins, silverware, etc. remain in stock. Candidates can apply for this role even if they are not high school graduates, making them good summer jobs for teens. Good customer service and hospitality are needed for this role.

35. Kennel Assistant

National Average Salary: $18 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

This is great for high school students who are nature or animal lovers. A lot of teens long to have pets but can’t. This is a great way for them to fulfill their desire to be around animals and get paid for their services too. Candidates do not need a high school diploma to apply. All of these factors make it ideal for adolescents.

Their duties involve helping take animals to and from their kennels, ensuring animals assigned to them are fed well, cleaning and maintaining the kennels of animals, taking them for walks, etc. If animals get ill or unwell, they must report it to the concerned officials too.

36. Cashier

National Average Salary: $17 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

It is a good role for those looking for common jobs with the most downtime. Their responsibilities include counting out the contents of the cash register drawer after completing each shift, along with maintaining withdrawals, receipts, and records. Cashiers also bag items, request price checks, honor coupons, etc. It does not require a high school diploma, and many of its functions can be learned on the job, making it a good option when it comes to summer jobs for teens.

37. Concession Worker

National Average Salary: $17 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

These individuals typically work at the counter area or refreshment stands at amusement parks, stadiums, or movie theaters. It does not require a high school diploma, so teenage candidates can apply if they are interested. They are responsible for tasks like keeping their assigned areas clean and tidy, taking customer orders, accepting customer payments, etc. Concession workers need good customer service skills and may have to answer questions too.

38. Dishwasher

National Average Salary: $17 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

Candidates for this role must possess good knowledge of cleanliness and sanitation practices. They must be careful when handling equipment and place items correctly in their assigned places. The role does not require any educational qualifications to apply for, making it easier for high school students to try their luck at it. It requires less customer interaction and is more done behind the scenes.

39. Bakery Assistant

National Average Salary: $17 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

This is a great choice of occupation for the foodies out there. They help bakers with a variety of duties, like storage of ingredients, compliance with health guidelines, preparing the kitchen environments for daily cooking activities, etc. The position typically does not require educational qualifications to pursue, meaning high school students can also apply. However, they must have basic cooking and kitchen skills and be willing to learn while on the job.

40. Pool Cleaner

National Average Salary: $16 per hour (Source: GlassDoor)

Most employers do not have any formal education requirements at all for such roles, so high school students can apply. However, individuals will receive on-the-job training and be taught about pool maintenance practices. Their responsibilities include ensuring the pool chemistry is right by verifying it each time they clean it. Pool cleaners must learn how to use certain equipment to perform their functions and may also have to inspect them.

How To Get Summer Jobs For Teens

Apart from just knowing what kinds of roles one can apply for, it is also important to understand how to apply for and get hired in them. The process of finding work may seem daunting for a teenager, but with the right mindset and appropriate guidance, it can be done.

Reflect Upon Your Capabilities

One should not just randomly try to look for any role one can get and hope for the best. This is not a good strategy to opt for in the long term. It is more advisable to analyze their abilities and see what kinds of roles they can execute best. This will bring more job satisfaction and provide a better scope for advancement too.

Research The Application Process

Many places have easier and less hassle-free application procedures for teenagers. This helps encourage more young people to enter the workforce. A lot of employers do not even expect a resume or cover letter from applicants below the age of 18. They may have to still fill out a job application form. This can be done either in person or online, depending on the policies of the recruiter.

Find And Build Connections

One of the best ways to land a summer job for teens is by being referred. Referral is when a person already working in a firm recommends a candidate to the hiring manager. Referrals tend to have a higher success rate of getting recruited as they already have people within the organization vouching for them.

For job seekers who are currently in high school or college, they can try finding others in their institute who are already working. Chances are, there will be more of them than expected. Get in touch with them and find out how they got a job at their age. One can learn a lot of useful tips that will help them later on. Even better, they may have a vacancy in their workplace, which you can apply for!

Compose A Cover Letter And Resume (Just In Case)

Although adolescents don't need to have these documents to apply in most cases, it is still best to have them ready just in case an employer may ask for them. A resume is a document that provides an overview of information relevant to the hiring process. It includes details like your education, past employment history, skills, etc.

Knowing how to write an effective resume is helpful at any stage in one’s professional life. A well-written CV can greatly enhance the probability of you getting your foot in the door. It is also important to make sure resumes are up to date. For a teenager, a resume should ideally be 1-2 pages long.

A cover letter is beneficial too, but not compulsory. A cover letter is a document that typically precedes the resume and is more personalized in its tone. It speaks to the hiring manager and explains why you are interested in the role. It should not exceed 1 page and contain no more than 3-4 paragraphs. If the resume is getting too long, some information can be transferred over to the cover letter. This helps balance out the information and make it more presentable.

Excel In The Job Interview

If the recruiter likes your application, resume, or cover letter, or if you get referred by an existing employee, the next step is clearing the job interview. A job interview, in simple terms, is a meeting between you and the recruiter to help assess whether or not you are the right fit for the role.

They also evaluate you based on what you’ve mentioned on your resume and cover letter, if any. It is important to avoid lying at any stage of the recruitment process, including interviews. Always be genuine when speaking about your skills and qualifications. Other than that, dressing well is also recommended.

Keep Trying

Finding summer jobs for teens is more than possible if one keeps at it. Most teenage job seekers have little to no prior work experience. Landing that first-ever job can be a bit tricky, but the key is to remain persistent, and sooner or later the right opportunity will emerge. Many individuals, when looking for their first job, get demoralized after a few rejections and disappointments. One should remain mentally strong and resilient.


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